“You are not to murder.” 

Exodus 20:13
Murder - the unlawful
and malicious

or premeditated killing 
of one human being
 by another.  

Webster's New World Dictionary 

There is much controversy today over the subject of abortion. Many are in favor of it, and many are against it. Those in favor of it use an array of rationalizations and justifications for their actions. Most of them have to do with “the rights of the woman” – to chose HER own way, to control HER own body. Yet these very arguments deny or ignore the “rights of the child” and/or the rights of the man who fathered the child. They also ignore The Creator of Life, YAHWEH.

This is often done under the false assumption that an unborn child (referred to in generic terms as a fetus so as not to dignify it as a human being that is developing in the womb) is not a real person. Instead it is referred to, and treated, as a “thing”, an object, which is somehow supposed to be “inanimate” (having no life). This rejects all the scientific evidence that there is "life" of some type occurring within the embryonic cells. Even cellular division is a form of “life”.

A "thing" has no "rights". A child, a human being, does.

The Word of YAHWEH has something to say about this.

Psalm 22.9Indeed You Yourself את
pulled Me out of the womb,causing Me to trust upon My mother’s breasts.

Psalm 139.13Indeed, You Yourself את
have acquired my kidneys!
You covered me in the womb of my mother!

Ecclesiastes 11.5  Just as it is not for you to know 
what is the way of the wind,
or the way of bones grow 
in the womb of one filled with child
likewise, you do not know 
the works themselves את of The Elohim
Who makes everything itself

Isaiah 44.2 Thus said YAHWEH,
The One making you and forming you from the womb
Who helps you, ‘Do not fear, My servant Ya'akob, 
and Yeshurun, whom I have chosen
Thus says YAHWEH who made you and formed you from the womb, who will help you:

YAHWEH forms us in our mother’s womb. He is the One responsible for our development from the very moment of conception. There is no medical person, no scientist, no woman, no man alive or that has ever lived who can fully explain the wondrous development of a “fetus”, a child, in the womb. Even though there’s a lot we do understand about this development now, there is also a lot we do NOT understand. And any truly honest person will tell you this.

No person can fully explain how DNA and genetics actually work. We've mapped the human genome, but we still have little comprehension of the intricate workings that take place within it. However, YAHWEH, The Creator, knows the whole truth about this miraculous process. And He's the only One who does.

Here’s what His Word says about children:

Psalm 127.3Behold! 
are an inheritance from YAHWEH.
The fruit of the womb is
one's compensation.

Each time a sperm and egg unite in the womb a human life begins. The “life” starts at the very instant of conception. It starts because of the forms of “life” that exist even in the ovum and the sperm, prior to conception. They have a vitality of their own. (Ever see a picture of sperm "swimming"? Are they not "alive"?)

Further, Scripture refers to the children who were still in “the loins” of their father, long before their birth. Yet people somehow seem to think they're smarter than YAHWEH – that they know more than He does. That unborn “thing” is just an object – that can be “terminated” simply because it’s an inconvenience to them, an unwanted “problem”, an “interference” in THEIR plans for their life. They consider abortion to be a “right” that only they have the ability to control.

And for some odd reason there is a foolish assumption that "only the woman" has the right to determine the outcome of a pregnancy. This is unfortunately very wrong in the sight of YAHWEH.

Because of their "choice" a child is literally murdered!

It's murder by definition, and in many cases it's actually premeditated murder.

YAHWEH’s Word is very clear on this subject: Exodus 20.13 - states, "You are not to murder!”

That's the definition of the Hebrew term that occurs in this verse. This does not refer to accidental death.
It's intentional.
And It’s far different than killing that takes place in a war.

It’s a personal act of violence against “your neighbor” – your own child in the case of abortion.
YAHWEH plainly declares you are not to do this!
It is against His desire!

There are countless Scripture verses that identify the significance of children. The Messiah, YAHUSHUA (Jesus), teaches that the very Kingdom of YAHWEH belongs to those who are like little children. Anyone interfering with them would be better off if a millstone was hung around their neck and they were thrown into the sea.

Sadly, those involved in pagan religions have often sacrificed their children to their inanimate (lifeless) gods of wood, stone, silver, and gold. Some continue to do this even today.
The practice of abortion today is virtually the same act.
Innocent children are “sacrificed” for the “rights of the mother” – or worse yet, for pure selfishness!

No thought is given to the “rights of the child”.
No consideration is given for the potential contribution to the world that unborn child might make. And no consideration is given to the rights of the father.

The only thought is I WANT...”
Selfishness is always the breeding ground for violence and

Scripture proclaims that innocent blood that is shed creates a “pollution” upon the very land on which a nation sits.
It is such an
offense to YAHWEH
that He holds an entire nation accountable,

in some form,
for allowing such travesties to exist within its borders.

The shedding of innocent blood ALWAYS brings guilt with it.
It is sin – pure and simple!
And YAHWEH will one day demand accountability for such sin – from the people involved,

and from the nation in which they live.

Perhaps we're seeing the "fruits" or our actions coming to harvest as we watch our nation disintegrating before our very eyes.

May YAHWEH grant us the wisdom and the humility to acknowledge our sin and to repent of it – to actually change our ways
stopping the practice of abortion.
May we stop
the sacrifice of our children

to the "gods" of convenience, ease, pleasure and selfishness!

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