Jeremiah 24.7

I will give them a heart
 to know me,
that I am YAHWEH;
and they will be
My people,
 and I will be their God,
 for they will return to Me with their whole heart. 

And The Elohim spoke all these words themselves  את saying,
“I Myself am YAHWEH, your Elohim, 
who brought you out from the land of Egypt, 
from the house of slavery.

There is not to exist for your sake 
any other mighty ones (elohim
above My presence. 

You are not to make for yourself a carved image, 
even any form that is in the skies, from above, 
even which is on the ground, from beneath, 
even which is in the waters, from below the ground. 

You are not to prostrate yourself before them 
and you are not to serve them 
because I Myself, YAHWEH, your Elohim, am a zealous El (God), 
paying attention to the perversity of fathers upon children 
to the third and fourth
generations of those hating Me,
but doing kindness to thousands, 
to those loving Me and guarding My directives

You are not to lift up the name of YAHWEH itself, את your Elohim, 
for the sake of emptiness 
YAHWEH will not cause to be undefiled 
whoever lifts up 
His Name itself את for the sake of emptiness. 
Exodus 20.1-7 

                        It’s not about “religion”. It’s about a relationship!

YAHWEH, the God of all creation, wants to have a very personal relationship with YOU.
He wants it based upon the vital concepts expressed in Exodus 20,
and upon the many Scriptures verses presented below. 

Within The New Covenant  He reveals His Son, YAHUSHUA (Jesus), The Messiah - promised under The Old Covenant, delivered under The New Covenant. In Him we are told that our sin debt has been cancelled - "paid in full" is the technical term involved. And all we have to do is "accept the gift" of that cancellation. In religious terms it's called redemption or salvation. In human terms it's called a full pardon for all the wrong we've ever done or ever will do.

What does it mean to "accept it"? It's pretty simple, really.
You decide, personally and individually,
that you are going to believe what
YAHWEH says in His Word. 
- You believe The Messiah died in your place so you would not have to die eternally.
- You believe that you have been forgiven for your offenses,
   and are now set apart for
YAHWEH's purposes.
- You believe that you already have received the beginnings of eternal life.

The gift is free. There is no "price to pay" for it. All you have to do is accept it.
The price has already been paid
- by
YAHUSHUA Himself upon the torture stake.
     (The cross is not some beautiful ornament. It’s an instrument of torture.) 
In effect, "He did 'the time' for your crime".
He experienced the death penalty because
you sinned (rebelled against Him)!
It's a wondrous story!
It's almost "too good to be true".
But it is indeed true. It did happen!

The question is, "Do you want such an awesome gift?" Will you accept it?

Once it's accepted - once you truly believe it - it's yours
- and you enter into a relationship with
YAHWEH Himself - The God of all creation!
It's an eternal relationship - as long as you trust Him 100%
and never turn your back on Him to abandon Him (apostatize).

His Word proclaims that He loves you more deeply
than any other being with whom you will ever have a relationship.

He longs for you to love Him deeply in return.
Yet He will not force you to do so.
The choice is yours.

Webster’s Dictionary defines relationship like this:
1. connection; a being related.
2. connection by blood or marriage, kinship.

Being related can mean a great many things. According to Webster it can mean being connected – by origin, kinship, marriage, etc.; associated; of the same kind, family, etc. If you look up the meaning of connected you discover it means to be joined together, fastened, joined in proper order, coherent, related, affiliated, associated, or having something to do with.

Relationships are of differing qualities. You can have a relationship with a person, or group of people, or you can even have a relationship with an object. Some people are more involved with their car, their computer, their golf game, or the_____ (you fill in the blank) than they are with the people in their lives.

Some relationships involve a very serious commitment, like marriage and family connections, work agreements and legal contracts. Others are more casual in nature, like with the people we work with, friendship with a neighbor, with someone we know from an activity we’re involved in, with someone we encounter at a restaurant or a store, or perhaps even with someone that knows someone we know.

Our lives are seriously affected by the relationships we maintain, whatever their nature. Sadly, we often miss this perspective. While family relationships typically are the most important ones, some friends may actually be more important to us than some of our own family members.

Each of us ultimately decides which relationships we will hold as the most important ones, and which ones will be less important to us. This is often determined on the basis of our experience with the people involved. But it's also determined by our personal values, interests, and desires.
Most importantly, it’s determined by our own choices.

Our relationships are very closely related to our values and priorities. That which we hold in the highest level of esteem, or deem to be of the greatest importance, is that which forms the basis of our closest relationships. What we “treasure” is, in the end, what we “worship”; what we hold most important to us. We "bow down" before these values, interests, and desires - often to the exclusion of YAHWEH and many of the people we encounter in our lives as well.

Our relationship with YAHWEH is very serious stuff.
It's not to be taken lightly.

Luke 14:26: “If anyone comes to Me
and does not detest his father and mother,
wife and children, brothers and sisters,
yes, then his own life also,
he is not able to be My student.

In return for our acceptance of His gift of "redemption” (full pardon for our mistakes) 
He offers us the following:
- love – His supreme love and acceptance.
- total forgiveness.
- ransom (redemption) from our offense debt.
      - we literally owe our very lives because of our offenses.
- eternal Life.
- faith.
- hope.
- joy.
- peace.
- contentment.
- provision for all our needs.
- healing.
- security.
- protection.
- and much more.

Are these among the things you're looking for?

Few ever grasp the true significance of what YAHWEH offers. All He asks in return is your love and faithfulness toward Him. There's an article on this site entitled "Hell is Guaranteed, Heaven is Not.". Perhaps you should read it to gain a deeper insight into what's at stake.

The most offensive thing to YAHWEH is to have someone enter into a relationship with Him and then choose to willingly walk away from Him in favor of their own interests. This is called apostasy. It’s a very serious act - for which there is no more forgiveness. One who does this has trashed their relationship with YAHWEH, even though they once worshipped and adored Him, living in close relationship with Him. There is no going back once this is done.

Yet for those who willingly honor and serve Him with a heart that's seeking to remain faithful to Him there is a wealth of blessings promised. The pages of this website are dedicated to helping you discover just how wonderful YAHWEH is. They seek to help you grasp in a new way what He wants for you, and from you.

He is available to you - but you must choose, willingly, to put Him first in your life.
You must invite Him to become your "Sovereign"
    (owner or master - as in a bond-slave relationship; it's as if He owns you.),
and your Elohim (God)
- the one whom you respect and honor above every other person or thing in your life.

He will never force Himself upon you. He has created you with a "free will", with the ability to decide for yourself what you will believe, or not believe, and what you will do, or not do. If you come to Him, humbly asking to have a relationship with Him, He will not reject you.

Your relationship with Him is crucial.
You either have one, or you don't.
There's no in between.
You either choose to place your trust in YAHUSHUA, The Messiah,
and in YAHWEH, The Father, or you choose not to.
What is your choice?
Whatever it is, it will make an eternal difference to you.

YAHUSHUA gave His life (died) for your sake. The price He paid in effect "purchases" you - when you choose to believe in Him and trust in Him. A Believer becomes a "purchased possession" through faith/belief/trust in Him. This makes us like a slave. Scripture refers to it as a bond-servant. A bond was paid, so you become a servant under that bond, working for "The Master". It's a willing choice, but it's still a Gentle Master/Willing Slave relationship.

I like to use the boss-employee relationship (although it's far from a perfect analogy) to illustrate this concept. When you work as an employee for someone else you contract with them to be a "slave", or a servant for them. They pay you to do their work. In effect, they buy you; they "own you". You're not free to do whatever you wish. There are instructions, rules and regulations. There are consequences if you violate those instructions, rules and regulations. Likewise, there are certain expectations involved.

Since few of us today relate very well to the concept of slaves this example perhaps brings us closest to a reasonable understanding of what's involved in a relationship with YAHWEH, and His Son, YAHUSHUA. We have, in effect, contracted (The New Covenant - a covenant is a contract) with Him to work with and for Him amidst a very special relationship. 

There's another side to this because we are actually adopted as His children when we enter into this relationship, and we become His legal heirs. We have access to everything that is His. Think about that one for a while.

Now, let me ask you another question. Out of all the relationships that you now have,
is there any of them that can even begin to compare to the one
YAHWEH offers you?
Where else can you receive unconditional love and forgiveness?
Where else can you find one so faithful?
Where else can you discover hope, joy, and true peace of mind?
Where else can you obtain eternal life within a deep relationship of absolute love and acceptance? 

There is no other place, and there is no other being with whom you can find these things.
YAHWEH's Word declares this to be so. 

Is. 44:6 Thus says YAHWEH, the King of Yisra’el, and His redeemer, YAHWEH of Assemblies; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside Me there is no god (elohim). 7 And who, as I, will call, and will declare it, and set it in order for Me, since I appointed the ancient people, and the things that are coming, and will come. Let them reveal them. 8 Fear not, nor be afraid.! Have I not told you from that time, and have I not declared it? You are even my witnesses. Is there a god beside me? Indeed, There is no god; I know not any.

John 14:6  YAHUSHUA said unto him,
"I am The Way,
The Truth,
and The Life!
No one comes to the Father except by means of Me

Belief (faith, trust)) in YAHUSHUA - belief in His sacrificial death, resurrection, ascension, and His second coming to establish Eternity - is the ONLY WAY you can receive the gift of YAHWEH's forgiveness (pardon) of your sin (rebellion and rejection of YAHWEH as your personal "God").

Without this belief, without placing YAHWEH as the first priority in your life, you have no relationship with Him! 
You will lose everything you think is important one day. 
With this belief you already have a relationship with Him,
and, you have already been given all the promises of YAHWEH! 

What do you choose to believe?

If you haven’t yet decided to commit your life to YAHWEH, and to His Son, YAHUSHUA, please do so this very moment. 

Ask Him to forgive you for rejecting Him. Tell Him you surrender your life to Him and want to have a personal relationship with Him. Don’t delay one moment longer to invite Him to become the most important relationship in your life. It’s a decision you will not regret.

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