The Messiah's Name

  • Do you know The Messiah's proper Hebrew name?
  • Do you know The Messiah's name is not "Jesus"?
  • Do you know His name is not "The Lord"?
  • Do you know that the term "Christ" is a Greek creation?

Many are misled by teachings that have come from "the traditions of men".
This is a subject of crucial importance to any student of Scripture. The Messiah Himself spoke openly
and strongly against the practice of replacing The Word of YAHWEH with the traditions of men.
There are numerous Scripture verses that will confirm that reality.

It's time to correct these errors.
We have the knowledge to prove these errors.
We need the courage to address them honestly and openly.
To do any less is to dishonor
YAHWEH (God) and His Son
- whose Hebrew Name is YAHUSHUA.

The Name of The Father, YAHWEH,
has been knowingly removed from most English Bible translations.
Check out the pages titled "God's Name" and "Bible Errors".
There you'll find several linked pages that detail the how this has happened.
You can use this information to correct your own Bible.

And by all means, where The Messiah's name is concerned, be sure to check out the new book -
. It's available in PDF format on this site -
The Aleph-Tav Bible!

This ground-breaking new book gives you the proper Name of The Messiah right where it should be in the text.
It also restores the name of
YAHWEH to the text.
Included are a new format and many new notes to help you understand the text
and the words that sometimes are a bit confusing or
 because of the way they've been “translated".

The following links, and the new book, will provide some very educational material for you.
You'll learn things you should have been taught since childhood,but were not. 

If you think you know what's in your Bible you're in for some significant surprises.
I know, because I thought I knew most of it fairly well after over 50 years of studying these things.
I was wrong.
Now I'd really like to help you discover more of The Truth. It's the whole purpose of Scripture.

Take a careful and prayerful look at these pages:

The articles on this site are intended to help you
understand The Truth of the Word of
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May YAHWEH speak to your heart and bless you with understanding as you explore His Word.