The New Covenant


                 The S4S Edition
             THE NEW COVENANT 

      Version 6.4 has just been posted 10-25-17.               

Learn the difference between
Truth and "tradition"

             The Sixth Edition contains:
                  - NEW FORMAT
                  - new additions and corrections
                  - significant updates
This is available NOW in PDF format below.
A New Covenant text that is like no other!

It includes:
- A NEW ORDER to the books - Find out why in the Introduction.
- NEW insights into difficult passages (updated frequently).
- The Proper Names of
God and The Messiah supplied
- The meanings of Biblical names is supplied.
- New comments and clarifications to the text
- printed right in the text so you don't have to hunt for them.
- Words and concepts explained for you
- right in the text.
- Much of the "religious” and "doctrinal” terminology is replaced with more correct and meaningful language.

                            What you think you know is often not correct.
You'll discover what words really mean, not what someone told you they mean.
You can check out every word for yourself to verify this. (And you should.)
Some of the things revealed will change the way you understand Scripture forever.
For example:

- When did The New Covenant (Testament) actually take effect?
    - It was not at the birth of The Messiah.
    - It was not at the death of The Messiah.
    - It was not at the resurrection of The Messiah.
- How was Paul taught his concepts of faith?
- Why are they slightly different from any other "apostle" or "disciple”? 
- Do you know the
real meaning of those two terms?

- Why is Galatians crucial to understanding Paul's message?
- Why were the teachings of YAHUSHUA (“Jesus”, “Yeshua") during His earthly ministry
  slightly different from those of Paul?

- To whom does "The Law" actually apply?

These questions and many more are answered in this new text. Be sure to read the INTRODUCTION…..!

Here is the entire New Covenant in ONE PDF File:

The Complete New Covenant.pdf  (3.3MB)

Listed below are the 28 individual books in the series - in PDF format.

To download them to your computer “right click”, then choose “Download Linked File” or “Save As”.

 Save them to your computer/tablet/phone for easy reference. If the print is a bit small just increase the size of the text.

1. JOHN (v.6.4)
2. MATTHEW (v.6.4)
3. MARK (v6.4)
4. LUKE (v.6.4)
5. ACTS (v.6.4)
6. GALATIANS (v.6.4)
7. ROMANS (v.6.4)
8. HEBREWS (v.6.4)
9. 1 CORINTHIANS (v.6.4) 
10. 2 CORINTHIANS (v.6.4)
11. EPHESIANS (v.6.4)
12. PHILIPPIANS (v.6.4
13. COLOSSIANS (v.6.4)
14. 1 THESSALONIANS (v.6.4)
15. 2 THESSALONIANS (v.6.4)
16. 1 TIMOTHY (v.6.4)
17. 2 TIMOTHY (v.6.4)
18. TITUS (V.6.4)
19. PHILEMON (v.6.4)
20. JAMES (v.6.4)
21. 1 PETER (v.6.4)
22. 2 PETER (v.6.4)
23. 1 JOHN (v.6.4)
24. 2 JOHN (v.6.4)
25. 3 JOHN (v.6.4)
26. JUDE (v.6.4)
27. REVELATION (v.6.4)

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