The Old Covenant


                   The S4S Edition
                THE OLD COVENANT
                - With את Revealed -

Scripture for Seekers (The S4S Edition) is an entirely new edition of The Old Covenant. It brings to you a new format, new in-column notes for easy access to vital information, new insights into words used in the text, and, perhaps most important of all it places the personal name of God back into the text where it belongs!
His name is
YAHWEH. It is His ONLY “name”. He has many other “designations”, but they are NOT His NAME!
His personal name occurs in the Hebrew text over 6,300 times!

The text also provides a proper understanding of two Hebrew letters that are essentially ignored in traditional texts. They are את, the aleph-tau. This combination of letters occurs in  the Hebrew text over 4,000 times! It has a dramatic impact upon the text when properly understood - and identified.

This is a MAJOR development!  For centuries you’ve been told these two characters are “a marker for the direct-object of a verb”. THAT IS NOT TRUE! There’s something far more valuable that we learn when we see what these characters actually mean, how they function within the text.

Now, in the S4S Edition, you’ll be able to see, in the English translation, where each את occurs, AND how it impacts the text itself.

The entire Old Covenant text is now complete.  If you’re a serious student of Scripture you’ll want to review this new edition of the text.The format is new. The notes are new. The insights are fresh, and often quite different than what you’ve seen before. The book order follows the Hebrew text, not the one you’re used to seeing. The book names give both the traditional name and the Hebrew name.

The Hebrew book order is followed because there is a very logical progression to the books. They’ve been grouped according to their functional relationships. They move, in effect, in synch with HIS-tory, The History of Yisra’el.

If you’re hungry for The Word of YAHWEH then you’re in for a very special treat. New books are added as they’re completed.

There are many new insights that will change your view of what you’ve been taught by the traditions of men. Those traditions are often very misleading. The things you think you know…they’re likely not what you need to know! You’re invited to explore Scripture “with fresh eyes” and with an open heart. If you’re not willing to reconsider what you’ve been taught then this edition is not likely to be of much interest to you. This is SCRIPTURE FOR SEEKERS! It’s not for “casual Bible readers”! There are plenty of “translations” out there for the casual reader. This volume is not intended for that approach. It is the view of the editor that any time one picks up The Scriptures, The Word of YAHWEH to His people, one needs to be absolutely serious about what you’re reading. To do otherwise is to dishonor YAHWEH.

A word about the Introduction - READ IT! It’s VERY IMPORTANT! If you don’t read this material first you’ll end up wondering about some of the things that are utilized in this version of The Old Covenant. The Introduction provides valuable information concerning the how and why for this version. Please, read it carefully before you begin reading the text. 

Here are the links to the FREE PDF files for each book:

NOTE: This new version provides then personal name of God, YAHWEH, and את (aleph-tau) in RED
for easy identification within the text. You will immediately notice the impact of these items that are missing from traditional texts. Spelling errors are being corrected along with some spacing issues.

Here are the individual books as separate PDF files. The Hebrew titles of the books are provided.
To download them simply "right click” and choose “Download Linked File” or “Save As”.

NOTE: 10-28-17 - New updates  have just been posted!
They include numerous corrections.

The Complete Old Covenant Text in ONE PDF File:

The Complete Old Covenant - V.2 - (11.2 MB)

The Individual books as separate PDF files:

- Introduction- Old Covenant
1. Genesis/B’resheet (v.4.3)

2. Exodus/Sh’mot (v.4.3)
3. Leviticus/Vayyiqra (v.4.3)
4. Numbers/Bemidbar (v.4.3) 
5. Deuteronomy/Debarim (v.4.3)
The Early Prophets
6. Joshua/Yahoshua (v.4.3)
7. Judges/Sopherim (v.4.3)
8. 1 Samuel/Shemu’el (v.4.3)
9. 2 Samuel/Shemu’el (v.4.3)
10. 1 Kings/Melakim (v.4.3)

11. 2 Kings/Melakim (v.4.3)
The Later Prophets
12. Isaiah/Yeshayah (v.4.3)
13. Jeremiah/Yirm’yah (v.4..3)
14. Ezekiel/Yehezqel (v.4.3)
15. Hosea/Hoshea’ (V.4.3)
16. Joel/Yo’el (v.4.3)
17. Amos (v.4.3)
18. Obadiah/Obadyah (v.4.3)
19. Johan/Yonah (v.4.3)
20. Micah/Miykah (v.4.3)
21. Nahum (v.4.3)
22. Habakkuk/Habaqquq (v.4.3)
23. Zephaniah/Zephanyah (v.4.3)
24. Haggai/Chaggay (v.4.3)
25. Zechariah/Zekaryah (v.4.3)
26. Malachi/Mal’ahki (v.4.3)

27. Psalms/Mizmor (v.4.3)
28. Proverbs/Mishlei (v.4.3)

29. Job/Iyowb (v.4.3)
30. Song of Songs/Shir Shirim (V.4.3)
31. Ruth/Ruwth (v.4.3)
32. Lamentations/Kinote (v.4.3)
33. Ecclesiastes/Qohelet (v.4.3)

34. Esther/‘Ester (v.4.3)
35. Daniel/Dani’el (v.4.3)
36. Ezra/'Ezrah (v.4.3)
37. Nehemiah/Nehemyah (v.4.3)
38.1 Chronicles/Divrei (v.4.3)
39.2 Chronicles/Divrei (v.4.3)

NOTE These pages are a "work in progress". They're updated fairly often as new information or insights are provided that require a change in what's presented. Please check back regularly to see what may have changed since your last visit. Scripture verses used on the site are from Scripture For Seekers (see the Home Page)They're not always presented on these pages in exactly the same format as they occur in the text due to space considerations but the text is the same. Every book is now available in PDF format. Download or print your own copy today.  Or, go to and obtain your own copy of Accordance. Then follow the instructions on the Home page to download an electronic version of Scripture for Seekers, S4S from The Accordance Exchange.
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May YAHWEH speak to your heart and bless you with understanding as you explore His Word.