God's Name

  • Do you know the God of Scripture has a personal name
    - and only one such personal name?
  • Do you know what it is?
  • Do you know where to find it in Scripture?
  • Do you know it's been REMOVED from most Bibles - knowingly?

It's time to restore the proper name of God to His Word,
and to our daily activities that center on Him.
Listed below are links to several articles that address this topic.

The key Hebrew terms are el, elohim, YHWH. 
The key Greek terms are theos and kurios. 
Do you know what each term means?
- If you don’t, the answer to that question will surprise you.

The articles presented address a wide range of issues related to this subject.
It's vital that you discover
what He says in His Word about His name.

The basic information is presented
to make it easier for you to learn the vital Truth
that's been "hidden" from you.
We're living in a time when knowing the Truth
has become more crucial than ever for the "believer".
Many "churches" are not teaching what you need to know.
It’s up to you to learn for yourself. 

These articles are teaching aids.
There is some duplication of information.
 This is caused by the different focus in each article.
Please use them wisely.
Ask YAHWEH (God) to lead you
of The Word of YAHWEH

What Is God's Name?
God's Name Revealed - In Exodus 3:14-16
God In English Translations
Pronouncing The Name of God
Praise His Name, YAHWEH
Taking God's Name in Vain
Jehovah - Wrong from the Start
The Letter "J"

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May YAHWEH speak to your heart and bless you with understanding as you explore His Word.