Life-Style Survey

The following survey is provided as a tool to assist you in reviewing your life in a way that will help you understand what your real values are. I encourage you to print this list and fill it out.

Do your best to rank these in order of highest values to lowest after you complete the list. You may be rather surprised by what you discover.

How much time do you spend each day (or each week) on:

____Watching the news on TV

____Watching sports activities

____Listening to the radio, music

____Searching the Internet


____Playing Video Games, X-Box, WII

____Listening to the news

____Reading magazines

____Reading novels/fiction


____Talking on the phone

____Cooking, cleaning

____Working/traveling to work



____Outdoor activities

____Movies (on TV, your computer, or in theaters)

____Reading your Bible

____Studying your Bible

____Praying for yourself

____Praying for others

____Talking to someone about YAWHEH

____Praising YAHWEH

____Thanking YAHWEH

____Worshipping YAHWEH


How much money do you spend each week on:




____Books, magazines, newspapers

____Entertainment (going out)

____Eating out at restaurants

____Housing (rent/mortgage)

____Heat, electricity, water, etc.

____Sports activities (equipment, tickets, etc.)

____Car payments

____Insurance (health, car, etc.)

____Taxes (house, car, licenses, income, sales, etc.)

____Charities – worldly

____Church contributions

____Christian books

____Bible Study materials

____Helping others in need


Now that you've made your list take some time to actually look seriously at what you wrote down. Think about what this tells you about the REAL priorities in your life? The ways in which you're spending your time and your money present a snap-shot of your life. What does that picture reveal about you? Is it time to make some changes?

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May YAHWEH speak to your heart and bless you with understanding as you explore His Word.