Re-Thinking The New Covenant

 - February 2015 - 

Major updates!
 Many new notes! 
 Many corrections!

                              - A new approach to Bible study!
                                   - Easy to read new format!
                                   - Shatters many traditional myths.

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                  Dedicated to seeking The Truth. The result of over 50 years of study and reflection.
                                       This is the AGE OF DECEPTION!
                              Be very careful about what you accept as “truth”.


The Really Important Stuff

God's Name Revealed
   God - In English Translations
   Praise His Hame - YAHWEH
   Pronouncing The Name
   Taking God's Name in Vain
   Jehovah - Wrong From Start
What YAHWEH Is - and Is not
The Messiah's Name
   His Name is NOT "JESUS"
   The Lord
   Titles of The Messiah
   The Letter "J"
The New Covenant 
Traditions of Men
The Holy Spirit
The Rapture
Bible Errors 
Torah & Law
Know The Truth

Scripture Studies

Clean or Unclean
Come out!

Darkness to Light
Hell is Guaranteed - Heaven is Not
The Holy Spirit
The Presence of YAHWEH
A Promise From YAHWEH
Satan, The Devil
The Seed of Abraham
Sign Of The Times
Trumpets in Scripture

The Messiah - Key Events
  - His Life
  - His Last Days
  - His Crucifixion and Death
  - His Resurrection
  - His Second Coming

A Word Study on "Power"
  - Power - Part 1 - Hebrew
  - Power - Part 2 - Hebrew
  - Power - Part 3 - Greek

What YAHWEH Is - and Is not

Special Articles

Confused About The Bible? 
Easter or Passover
The Feasts of Israel
Hyssop In Scripture 
Interest Rates - Usury
Life-Style Survey
Seeking YAHWEH
What can you do?
Worship - What is it?


Articles By Others

Do We Believe God?, 
    by E. W. Bullinger

  • THINK about what you're reading - don't just "read" it.
  • Test whatever you read against Scripture.
  • Look up the definition of every word, so you understand what each one means.
  • Understand that the context is crucial to your understanding. If you take something out of context it changes the meaning in many cases. 
    [Context means, what is being talked about, to whom, by whom, and under what circumstances.]
  • Do your own homework! Do not trust others to do it for you!

                       YAHWEH is not a man that He should lie. Numbers 23.19.

NOTE: These pages are a "work in progress". They are updated as new information or insights are provided that require a change in what's presented. Please check back regularly to see what may have changed since your last visit. 
Scripture verses noted with (RTNC) are from the book, Re-Thinking The New Covenant. They're not always presented in the same format as they occur in the book due to space considerations but the text is the same. 
The Third Version is now available FOR FREE in PDF format. Download or print your own copy today. 

May YAHWEH speak to your heart and bless you with understanding as you explore His Word.