Know The Truth

John 8:32

And you will know
the truth
and the truth
will liberate you.

For over 60 years I've been taught The Scriptures by my parents, various religious leaders, pastors, teachers, and other Christians. In all that time the topic of God's personal name was never really addressed. No one ever taught me that most English Bible translations are wrong concerning the personal name of God.
His personal name is virtually absent from most English Bibles. It's been replaced by a series of other terms, not a few times, but thousands of times. Those terms are not names at all. They are titles, or perhaps simply descriptions of His nature or character. 

Furthermore, the personal name of The Messiah has also been altered to a form that greatly distorts and conceals God's intentions in connection with that name. What's worse is that these errors in "The Word of God" are intentional

This is most disturbing! Millions of people  have been deceived. To my great horror and deep regret I discovered I've both allowed, and participated in, this deception! Therefore, I'm as guilty as anyone for failing to recognize and address this problem. 

I am humbled, and ashamed. I allowed others to teach me what amounts to lies, and I never seriously questioned them. Shame on me! I'm embarrassed. I'm overwhelmed with my own guilt.

I allowed the traditions of men to shape my thinking and believing, instead of The Word of YAHWEH. This is most unfortunate. But, interestingly, it's the same error that existed in the days of The Messiah's life on this earth. The scribes, Pharisees, and Sadducees all participated in these same kinds of gross errors.

Here's a sample of what The Messiah Himself confronted:

Mark 7:5-9

After that the Pharisees and the scribes asked Him,
“Why do Your students not walk according to
the tradition of the elders,
but instead eat bread with unwashed hands?”

6-7 Then He responded, saying to them,
“Well did Isaiah prophesy concerning you hypocrites,
 as it is written:
‘This people honors Me with their lips,
but their heart is far from Me.
And in vain they worship Me,
teaching as doctrines the instructions of human beings
                                 (Is. 29.13)
8 Indeed, abandoning the instruction of
you are holding fast to the tradition of human beings;
the washing of pitchers and cups
and many other similar things of this sort you do.”
9 He said to them,
“Very effectively you set aside the instruction of
in order that you may protect your tradition.

Colossians 2:8
Watch out!
so that not anyone will strip things away from you
through philosophy and empty delusion,
according to the tradition of men
according to the basic principles
of the world, and not according to The Messiah...

I can, and will, no longer perpetuate these lies and deceptions. Instead, I am now seeking to expose these astounding deceptions and do what I can to help correct them. That's the purpose of this website. First and foremost:

    God's personal name is YAHWEH.
 His Son's name is YAHUSHUA. 

Please read The Personal Name of God and The Personal Name of The Messiah and the associated pages listed to the right of this page under The Really Important Stuff.

I'm not sure how you arrived at this page, or this website, but I'm very glad you're here. I can only hope and pray that YAHWEH will open your eyes, your ears, your heart, and your mind, as He has begun to do for me. I feel like I'm starting over at the very beginning - like I'm just now beginning to learn His Truth.

Please don't misunderstand. There's much I do understand already. I've studied and contemplated The Scriptures for many years. It certainly was not all wasted, even amidst the deception that was perpetrated by the traditions of men. But I have much to learn, and re-learn. And YAHWEH's Word is now coming alive for me in ways i could not have comprehended before. I pray it will be so for you as well.

I'm not here to tell you YAHWEH has not heard your prayers or acted on your behalf in the days gone by.
I'm not here to tell you He's abandoned you because you've not known and/or used His personal name,
or the personal name of His Son.
I don't believe in the legalism of such an approach.
He hears us in our ignorance.
He helps us in our ignorance.
But He also longs to have us know His Truth.
He knows that when we do come to know His Truth
it will generate a whole new and far deeper appreciation of Him.

The following passage of Scripture gives us insight into how YAHWEH sees us in our ignorance:

1 Timothy 1:12-13
And I have gratitude
to the one who has empowered me,
The Messiah, 
YAHUSHUA, our Master,
because He considered me faithful, putting into service,
1:13 one who was previously a blasphemer, a persecutor, and an insulter.
However, I obtained compassion because I did it ignorantly, in disbelief.

YAHUSHUA (The Messiah - commonly known as Jesus, The Christ, Jesus Christ, Christ Jesus, etc.) wants to have a relationship with you as well. He wants to be your personal Savior (Deliverer) and Redeemer. He came to earth to reveal The Truth.

Problems in The “Churches"

Many churches today are not teaching The Truth. 
The teaching is “empty”.
Many of the concepts taught find little or no basis in Scripture.
Even when they do much of the teaching is aimed at a "feel-good" mentality,
or it's surrounded by "entertainment".
The churches have become little more than "religious theaters"
where the players compete to see who can achieve the biggest attendance numbers.

Having fought this mentality for many years I found myself hungry for Truth. Amidst much distress and contemplation I finally decided to seek earnestly for The Truth, for YAHWEH Himself, in The Scriptures and through prayer. My perspective became that of The Messiah’s teaching in Scripture:
Matthew 7:7-8
Ask and it will be given to you.
Seek and you will find.
Knock and it will be opened up to you.
7:8 Indeed, everyone who asks receives,
and he who seeks finds,
and to him who knocks it will be opened.

After stumbling along somewhat blindly, I decided to attempt a thorough study of Genesis. I found some good bible study software and several reference books to help me as I attempted to discover the real meaning of the text. I knew only a little about Greek – most of which I had forgotten since I attended seminary. I knew nothing about Hebrew. So I determined I would seek the guidance and direction of YAHWEH as I sought to understand the text. I was astounded at what was revealed to me.

I studied each verse word by word. As I got into the lexicons, the English, Hebrew, and Greek dictionaries and commentaries, etc. I discovered new insights into the meaning of the text.

Many words were “translated" into English with completely different meanings than those given in Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance, or in the other lexicons and dictionaries I checked. The English didn’t match the Hebrew at all. In other places the wording was very vague and unclear. The “translations” (See Definitions) used for some words made no sense whatsoever.

Even worse, I discovered the personal name of God had been REMOVED from the text! 

In its place were terms that could not possibly be accurately "translated" from the Hebrew text.
I was astonished by the sheer number of errors!
No one had ever told me this reality existed in virtually every English Bible translation.

As many of the words took on new significance I began to discover the real meaning of the Hebrew text. I began to comprehend a richness the English versions did not properly convey. Some of the words only came to life as I read certain word definitions from an English dictionary. New insights flooded my being. The Word took on a whole new dimension – a truly supernatural dimension. Things I had once thought were “mundane” proved to be anything but mundane. The Word became "The Living Word”.

As a result of these wondrous discoveries I’ve now resolved to try to make a difference in the lives of others who really want to know The Truth. I sincerely hope you’re one of them. These pages offer my humble attempt at proclaiming The Truth of YAHWEH and His Son YAHUSHUA. It is my sincere desire to honor Him, and His precious name in all I do. Please understand that I don't pretend to have all the answers. I only ask you to read what I've presented and then test it against The Scriptures for yourself.

If you long for the Truth, then you'll certainly want to read more at the links on the right side of this page. May YAHWEH truly bless you with the knowledge of The Truth. And may He lift you out of "the traditions of men" and the grievous errors found there. May you believe, first and foremost, in His Word, and not the mere words of another human being. His Word triumphs over all, for His Word really is The Truth.

Some of the results of my research are now available on this site. More is coming as time permits. Perhaps you want more of The Truth for yourself. If so, I encourage you to read The Old Covenant and The New Covenant pages posted here. They are now provided as Scripture For Seekers. They’re intended for those who are serious about learning Truth.

May YAHWEH be praised for all eternity! May His Son, YAHUSHUA, be praised and blessed for His mighty redemption and forgiveness of our sin debt! 

Hallelu - YAH!

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May YAHWEH speak to your heart and bless you with understanding as you explore His Word.