Praise His Name, YAHWEH!

Isaiah 42.8

 I am YAHWEH. 
That is My name.
And My honor
I will not give to another,
nor My praise
to graven images.
(S4S Version)

The personal name of God, YAHWEH, is worthy of our praise. Scripture contains many references to this concept. It’s only fitting that the One we trust in as God above all should be praised and honored and worshipped. 

But even more importantly, it’s most appropriate to give Him the honor that’s due to Him alone by using His specific and personal name. 

This is confirmed by The Scriptures themselves. Below are some of the many Scripture verses that direct His people to praise and bless His sacred and precious name. They reveal, when properly translated, that His name is YAHWEH. This is the name we are to use when honoring and worshipping Him.

For more detail on the issues involved with using the name of God and the name of The Messiah please see the following links. 

          What Is God's Name
          Serious Bible Errors
         The Messiah's Name

Within them are additional links to help reveal what’s happened and what we need to do to correct the problems. They will provide the background you need to understand why many who call themselves Christians currently do not even know His personal and eternal name.

God’s personal name occurs for the first time in Genesis 2.4. While it's not given as such in most translations of The Scriptures, it is found in the Hebrew text at this point. It occurs in the Hebrew text 6520 times in The Old Covenant. Such frequent occurrence suggests it’s not something God wants us to be ignorant about.

Exodus 3.15 He specifically identifies this name as His eternal name, and as His “memorial” to all generations (past, present, and future). A memorial is given as a means of remembering. His people are called to remember His name, and to give praise, honor, blessing, and thanksgiving to it – for all eternity. Here’s what Exodus 3.15 actually should say in your Bible:

Exodus 3.15 And The Elohim said more to Moshe.
“Thus you are to say to the children of Yisra’el. 
YAHWEH, The Elohim of your fathers, 
The Elohim of Abraham, 
The Elohim of Yitzhak, 
and The Elohim of Ya'akob,
has sent me to you. 
This is My NAME forever! 
And this is My mark of identification 
from generation to generation.’

YAHWEH (Hebrew – hDwøh◊y - YHWH)

The Word of YAHWEH Concerning His Name 

Listed below are some of the Scripture verses that speak to how we are to treat the personal name of God, YAHWEH. These verses have been corrected to give the proper reading, based on the Hebrew text. When you see His name placed where it properly belongs it gives you a whole different appreciation of both His name, and His Word.

His Word is without error - in the original. Unfortunately, mankind has adulterated His Word, causing great confusion, and making it difficult to worship Him properly. May these verses serve to motivate you to begin today to use His personal name as it should be used – to honor and worship Him as The Eternally Existing One; for that is indeed what His name actually means. (These are corrected verses.)

Psa. 135:13 YAHWEH, Your name is eternal;
YAHWEH, Your memorial is to all generations. 

Is. 42:8  I Myself am YAHWEH
That is My Name! 
And My honor I will not give to another 
nor My praise to idols!

Ex. 20:24 In every place where I cause My Name itself  את
to be remembered I will come to you. 
And I will bless you.

Psa. 138:1-2  I will cause thanks to be given 
with my whole heart! 
In front of the divine beings 
I will sing praises to You! 
138:2 I will bow myself 
toward Your set apart Temple! 
And I will give thanks to Your Name itself את
on account of Your kindness 
and on account of Your faithfulness!

Psa. 145:1-3   I will exalt You, my Elohim, The King! 
And I will bless Your Name 
to eternity and forever! 

145:2 In all the day I will bless You! 
And I will praise Your Name 
to eternity and forever!

145:3 Great is YAHWEH
And He is to be praised exceedingly! 
And His greatness cannot be searched out!

Psa. 113:1 Praise YAHWEH! Praise, you servants of YAHWEH! Praise the name of YAHWEH! 2 The name of YAHWEH is to be blessed from this time and to eternity; 3 from the rising of the sun unto the going down of the same be praising the name of YAHWEH. 

Ps 148.13  Let them praise the Name itself את of YAHWEH!
Indeed, His Name alone is exalted! 
His majesty is above the earth and skies!

Psa. 8:1  YAHWEH, our Sovereign
how majestic is Your Name in all the earth
You Who set Your splendor upon the skies!

Psa. 9:1-2   I praise YAHWEH with all my heart!
I recount all Your extraordinary acts!
2  I rejoice and jump for joy on account of You! 
I will sing praise to Your Name, Most High!

Joel 2:26-27:  And you will eat,
eating and being satisfied! 
And you will praise the Name of YAHWEH itself את
your Elohim, Who has done with you people wondrously! 
And My people will not be put to shame for eternity! 
2:27 And you will know that I am in the midst of Yisra’el, 
I Myself, 
and that I am
YAHWEH, your Elohim! 
And there is no other! 
And My people will not be put to shame to eternity!

Psa. 22:22-3  I will recount Your Name to My kindred! 
In the midst of the assembly I will praise You.
22:23 (H 22.24) You who revere
YAHWEH, praise Him! 
All you seed of Ya‛akob, honor Him! 
And revere Him, all you seed of Yisra’el!

Psa. 61:8   According to this 
 I will sing praise to Your Name forever 
for the sake of paying my vows day by day!

Psa. 66:1- 4  Shout with joy to The Elohim of all the earth! 

66:2 Sing praises to the honor of His name! 
Establish His praise with honor!
66:3 Say to The Elohim, 
“How awesome are Your works! 
On account of the greatness of Your power 
Your adversaries will submit themselves to You! 
66:4 All the earth will bow themselves down to You 
and they will sing praises to You! 
They will sing the praises of Your Name!”

Jer. 16:21 For this reason behold! 
I am causing them to know! 
At this time I will cause them to know
My hand itself את
and My force itself את
And they will know that My Name is YAHWEH!”

Psa. 86:9-13   All nations which You have made will come! 
And they will bow themselves down 
before Your face, my Sovereign! 
And they will give honor to Your Name!

86:10 Indeed, You Yourself את are great! 
And You are doing extraordinary acts,
You Yourself את, The Elohim, 
for Your sake alone.  

86:11 Teach me, YAHWEH, Your way! 
I will walk according to Your truth. Unite my heart for the sake of teaching Your Name!
 86:12 I will praise You, my Sovereign, my Elohim,with all my heart!
I will honor Your Name to eternity
86:13 because Your kindness is great concerning me,
 and You have delivered my life from the lowest part of She
ol (Realm of the dead)!

Psa. 89:15-16  Happy are the people 
knowing the shout of joy,
In the light of Your face they will walk. 
89:16 (H 89.17) In Your Name they will rejoice all the day. 
And by Your justice they will be exalted.

Psa. 99:1-3   YAHWEH has reigned! 
Tremble, peoples! 
He is dwelling with the cherubim! 
The earth shakes!  

99:2 YAHWEH is great in Tziyon! 
And He Himself is exalted over all the peoples. 
99:3 Let them cause praise 
to Your great and awesome Name! 
It is set-apart!

Psa. 115:1  Not to us, YAHWEH, not to us! 
Indeed, to Your Name give honor 
on account of Your kindness, 
on account of Your faithfulness!

Psa. 135:1-3  Praise YAH
Praise the name of YAHWEH itself את! 
Praise, servants of YAHWEH,
135:2 those standing in The House of
in the courtyards of The House of our Elohim! 
135:3 Praise
YAHWEH is good! 
Sing praises to His Name! 
Indeed it is pleasant! 

Psa. 63:3-4   Because Your kindness is better than life 
my lips will praise You! 
63:4 (H 63.5) On account of this I will bless You with my life! 
In Your Name I will lift up my hands!

Is. 12:4  And in that day you will say, 
“Give thanks to
Call upon His Name! 
Make known His actions among the peoples! 
Take note that His Name is exalted!

Is. 25:1 YAHWEH, You Yourself את are my Elohim! 
I will exalt You! 
I will praise Your Name! 
Indeed You have done extraordinary things, 
plans from long ago with faithfulness, with truth.

The Messiah Speaks - Concerning His Name and God’s Name 

There are some who claim YAHUSHUA (Jesus) never spoke God’s personal name and never taught anything about it. The Scriptures below will demonstrate this is simply not true. Indeed, there is evidence to support the idea that it was specifically because He did speak the name, YAHWEH (and teach and heal using it), that He was put to death. 

John 12:28 Father, honor Your name
Then came there a voice from The Heaven,
“I have indeed honored it, and will honor it again.”

Matt. 6:9  Pray in this manner therefore:
Our Father who is in The Heavens,
let Your name be sanctified!

John 17:6 I have made Your name apparent to the human beings 
whom You have given to Me from the world. 
They were Yours. 
You gave them to Me. 
And they have protected Your word.

John 17:12  While I was with them in the world 
I protected them by Your name. 
Those whom You gave to Me I have protected. 
And none of them is lost except The Son of Loss 
in order that The Scripture might be fulfilled.

John 17:26  And I have made known to them Your name. 
And I will make it known in order that the love 
with which You have loved Me may be in them 
and I
may be in them.”

Matt. 10:22 And you shall be detested by everyone because of My name...

Matt. 19:29 And every one that has forsaken houses, or brothers, or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or lands for the sake of My name will receive a hundredfold. And he will inherit Eternal Life. 

John 15:21 But all these things will they do to you for My name’s sake, because they know not Him that sent Me. 

Matt. 18:5 If anyone receives one little child such as this in My name he receives Me. 

Matt. 18:20  Indeed where two or three are gathered together 
for the sake of My name I am there, 
in the midst of them.”

Mark 9:41 Indeed whoever gives you 
a cup of water to drink in My name
because you are The Messiah’s, 
assuredly I say to you 
he will by no means lose his compensation!

John 14:13 And whatever someone might ask in My name 
that I will do in order that The Father 
may be honored in the Son!

To Those Who Treat His Name Shamefully 

There are consequences for failing to honor the name of YAHWEH and the name of The Messiah (YAHUSHUA). Many today seem to have no fear of them. They do not even know His name, so cannot really honor it or perform any of those things He calls us to do in His name. This really needs to be changed.

YAHWEH has done much to reveal His name to His people. He has called for His name to be proclaimed, taught, honored, praised, blessed, and revered above every other name that exists. Do we not owe Him such? Is it not proper for us to know His name and to use it with great reverence every day? Failure to do so will indeed bring its consequences. 

Is. 52:5-6  And now what have I here,” 
- an utterance of
“because My people have been taken away for nothing? 
Those who rule over them cause them to wail” 
- an utterance of
“and continually all the day My Name is reviled
6 For this reason My people will know My Name, 
for this reason
they will know it in that day, 
because I Myself am He, 
The One who is speaking. 
Behold, hereI am!”

Mal. 1:11-14   Indeed from the rising of the sun 
even to its going down
My Name is great among the nations, 
and in every place incense is brought near 
for the sake of My Name, 
or an undefiled voluntary offering! 
Indeed My Name is great among the nations!”, 
YAHWEH of Assemblies. 

1:12 “But you yourselves את
are profaning Me Myself את

by your saying, 
‘The table of
YAHWEH, it is defiled, 
even its produce! 
Its food is despicable!’  

1:13 And you have said, 
‘Behold! What weariness!’ 
And you turned up your nose at it itself את!”,
said YAHWEH of Assemblies

“And you have brought in what was taken by force,
and the lame itself
and the sick itself
you have even brought 
as the voluntary offering itself את
Should I accept this itself
את from your hands?” 
said YAHWEH.

1:14 And cursed be the one deceiving, 
and he has a male in his flock, 
and he vows a vow, 
but he is slaughtering for the sake of
what is defiled.  

Indeed, I Myself am a great King,” 
said YAHWEH of Assemblies, 
“and My Name is revered among the nations!

Ezek. 20:9 And I acted for the sake of My Name, 
for the sake of it not being defiled
for the sake of the eyes of the nations which they were in the midst of them,
to whom I had made Myself known to them for the sake of their eyes, 
for the sake of bringing them out of the land of Egypt.

Ezek. 36:21-23  But I had compassion on My set apart Name
which the house of Yisra'el defiled among the nations, wherever they had gone there
36:22 For this reason say to the house of Yisra
el,‘Thus said Sovereign YAHWEH.
“Not for your sake will I Myself act, house of Yisra
but rather on account of My set apart Name 
which you have defiled among the nations where you have gone there.
36:23 But I will set apart My great Name itself
that is being been defiled among the nations
which you have defiled in their midst! 
And the nations will know that I am YAHWEH”
- An Utterance of Sovereign YAHWEH. -
“when I am set apart among you 
for the sake of their their eyes!

Mal. 2:1-8   And now to you, the priests, this is given as direction
2:2 If you do not listen attentively, 
and if you do not place this upon the heart 
to give honor to My Name,” said
YAHWEH of Assemblies, 
“then I will send against you the curse itself את
And I will curse your blessings themselves
And also, I have cursed them 
because you have not placed it upon the heart! 

2:3 Behold! 
I will rebuke for your sake the seed itself
And I will smear excrement upon your faces, 
the excrement of your festivals! 
And it will be carried away, 
and you yourselves את with it! 
2:4 And you will know that I have sent to you 
this directive itself את
to exist as My covenant with Levi himself את”,
YAHWEH of Assemblies. 

 2:5 My covenant with he himself את
was life and shalom! 
And I gave to him awe and reverence! 
And he revered Me! 
And before My Name he was terrified! 
2.6 The teaching of Truth was in his mouth! 
And moral wrong was not found on his lips! 
With shalom and with fairness 
he walked with Me Myself את
And he turned back many from moral perversity. 

2:7 Indeed the lips of a priest are to protect knowledge.
And they are to seek instruction from his mouth.
Indeed he is a messenger of
YAHWEH of Assemblies!

2:8 But you yourselves את
you have turned aside from The Way! 
You have caused many to stumble in instruction! 
You have perverted the covenant of Levi!”, 
YAHWEH of Assemblies.

Psa. 83:16  Fill their faces with reproach that they may search out Your name, YAHWEH. 

Some Blessings To Those Who Honor His Name 

Jer. 12:16-17 And it will be if they teach, 
teach the ways themselves את of My people, 
to swear by My Name, ‘By the life of
according to what they taught My people themselves
to swear by Baal, 
then they will build in the midst of My people. 
17 But if they do not listen attentively 
I will pull up by its roots that nation itself את
pull it up by its roots, even destroying it!” 
- An utterance of

Psa. 9:9-10   And YAHWEH will exist as a refuge 
for the sake of the crushed, 
a refuge for the sake of times of need. 
9:10 And those knowing Your Name 
will trust in You 
because You have not abandoned 
those seeking You,

Psa. 54:1  Elohim, in Your Name deliver me! 
And with Your power grant me justice!

Psa. 74:21  Do not let the oppressed be turned back,
being disgraced! 

Let the afflicted and the destitute praise Your Name!

Psa. 5:11-12  But let all who are taking refuge in You rejoice. 
To eternity let them shout for joy! 
And be a defense over them! 
And let those who are loving Your Name 
jump for joy with You. 
5:12 (H 5.13) Indeed You Yourself את
bless the just one, YAHWEH
Like a shield, with pleasure You surround him.

Rev. 2:13  I have seen your works and where you reside, 
where The Adversary’s throne is. 
Yet you hold fast to My name 
and have not disavowed the trust of Me, 
even in the days in which Antipas was My faithful witness, 
who was killed among you where The Adversary resides.

Rev. 3:8  I have seen your works! 
Behold! I have provided before you an open entrance. 
And not even one is able to close it 
because you have a little ability. 
And you have protected My word. 
And you have not denied My name

Ezek. 20:44 And you will know that I Myself am YAHWEH 
when I act with you yourselves
את for the sake of My name, 
not according to your hurtful ways,
nor according to your corrupt actions, house of Yisra'el!” 
- An Utterance of Sovereign

Rev. 15:4  Who will not revere You, Master, and honor Your name, 

because You alone are set apart 
since all nations will come and worship in Your presence, 
since Your justifications have been rendered apparent.”

The Final Words of The Hebrew Hymnal 

Psa. 150:1-6
Praise The El in His sanctuary.
Praise Him in the expanse of His strength.
2 Praise Him in his power.
Praise Him according to his abundant greatness.
3 Praise Him with the blast of the trumpet (shophar).
Praise him with the lyre and harp.
4 Praise Him with the tambourines and dance.
Praise Him with stringed instruments and flutes.
5 Praise Him with the sound of cymbals.
Praise Him upon the jubilant cymbals.
6 Let every thing that has breath praise

Rejoice in YAHWEH, you righteous!
Praise is fitting for the upright.

Psalms. 33:1

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