What YAHWEH is - And is not

Below is a compilation of some thoughts on what YAHWEH (God) is, and what He is not. You'll notice there is an obvious imbalance in favor of what He is. That's because it's far more important to know what He is than what He is not.

These thoughts are presented as quotations from His Word. This is done so there's little argument about what He says about Himself. Thus, it's not "the word of man", but is instead "The Word of YAHWEH" that instructs us.

The verses quoted reveal various aspects of His nature, His character, and His desires for those who believe in Him. It's presented so you might reflect on some of His attributes, and realize a bit more of the Truth concerning Him. Perhaps this will help increase your desire to know Him better, more personally, or to begin a new relationship with Him. The list is far from complete, but hopefully it gives you enough of a sample to comprehend His desires for your life.

Please remember that one of the most important aspects of Bible study is the context. Whenever you take something out of the context in which it normally occurs you run the risk of misunderstanding it, or misinterpreting it. While these verses are significant, it's worth your time to look up the surrounding verses and read them as well.

What YAHWEH is:

YAHWEH is ONE (a unity): 

Deuteronomy 6:4Listen attentively, Yisra’el! 
YAHWEH, our Elohim, YAHWEH is one!  (S4S Version)

Note: This implies a unity and a uniqueness. It implies that YAHWEH (The Elohim of Yisra’el (Israel)) is THE ONLY GOD that really exists. The rest are not really gods at all. Interestingly, The Jewish Publication Society (JPS) translates this as “YAHWEH alone”, meaning He is the ONLY Elohim. This does indeed agree with what Scripture teaches us.

YAHWEH is The Elohim Of elohim (gods) And Sovereign of sovereigns:

Deuteronomy 10:17: because YAHWEH, your Elohim, 
is The Elohim of elohim, 
and The Sovereign of sovereigns, 
The Great El, 
The Powerful One,
and The One to be fearing,
who shows no partiality and He does not accept a bribe.  (S4S Version)

Note: There is no other god (elohim) or sovereign (lord) that can ever compare to The Elohim of Yisra’el. He is above all things.

Psalms 47:7:  Indeed King of all the earth is The Elohim!
Sing praises!
(A meditation.)

YAHWEH is One who speaks PURE WORDS:

Proverbs 30:5-6:  Every Word of The Elohim is refined.
He is a shield to those taking refuge in Him.
Prov. 30:6 You are not to cause
a thing
to be added above His Words,
lest He argue with you,
and you are found to have lied.


Deuteronomy 33:27 The eternal YAHWEH is your refuge….  
Note: Eternal means never ending. YAHWEH is always! YAHWEH is forever!

Psalms 48:14: For this YAHWEH is our Elohim forever and ever: He will be our guide even unto death.


1 John 1:5-10:  And this is the announcement that we have heard from Him 
and announce to you, that YAHWEH is light 
and in Him is no obscurity at all. 

If we say that we have a partnership with Him, 
yet walk in obscurity we are uttering an untruth 
and are
not doing the truth. 
But if we walk in the light 
in the manner in which He is in the light 
we have a partnership with each other, 
and the blood of YAHUSHUA, The Messiah, His Son, 
cleanses us from every offense. 
 If we say that we have no offenses 
we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us. 
When we acknowledge our offenses 
He is trustworthy and just 
in order that
He might forgive us our offenses 
and might cleanse us from all injustice. 
When we say that we have not offended 
we make Him a liar and His word is not in us.

Note: This is an essential understanding for any person. If you understand this passage you will truly understand the nature of YAHWEH, The Elohim of The Bible. (The Elohim of the Christian, The Elohim of the Hebrew, and The Elohim of Yisra’el - yet He is not the "god" of other nations, or of non-believers.)


Deuteronomy 33:27: The Elohim of old is a refuge
and underneath, everlasting arms. 
And He drives out the adversary from before your face. 
And He says, ‘Destroy!’

Psalms 46:1 The Elohim is our refuge and strength,
a help in distress, quickly found.


1 John 4:16 And we have known and have trusted 
in the love that YAHWEH possesses for us. 
YAHWEH exists as love. 
And he who abides in love abides in
YAHWEH in him.

1 John 4:8He who does not love does not know YAHWEH,
 because YAHWEH is love.

Love in the Hebrew mind means loyalty, faithfulness, not some “gushy” emotional feeling.

YAHWEH is Divine Nature:

John 4:24:  YAHWEH is Divine Nature
And it is necessary that those who worship Him 
worship in Divine Nature and truth!”

Note: This is a particularly important verse. There's an astounding misconception concerning one's “soul” or one’s “spirit”. Both of these are Greek creations. They do not exist in Hebrew language or thought. In the new book, Scripture For Seekers, Re-Thinking The New Covenant, there is a full explanation of what “spirit” and “soul” really represent. Both in the Introduction and in the individual books of The New Covenant there are details presented to help you understand these concepts from a Hebrew perspective. This perspective is necessary if one wants to truly understand what Scripture says. It was written by and for Hebrews.


1 Corinthians 1:9:  YAHWEH is trustworthy, through whom you were called
into the partnership
 of His Son,
YAHUSHUA, The Messiah, our Master. 

1 Corinthians 10:13:  No temptation has overtaken you 
except that which is common to human beings. 
YAHWEH is trustworthy 
Who will not allow you to be tested 
beyond that which you are able
to endure
but on the contrary will also make with the testing, 
even the way out
from it 
so that you may be able to endure it.


Deuteronomy 4:31Indeed, an El of compassion is YAHWEH, your Elohim! 
He will not abandon you. 
And He will not destroy you.
And He will not forget
the covenant itself  ta with your forefathers  
which He swore to them.

Note: This also implies that YAHWEH is not forgetful.


Psalms 62:7-8:   Truly He Himself is my Rock and my deliverance,
my stronghold!
I will not be greatly shaken!
62:7 (H 62.8) My deliverance and my honor
depend upon The Elohim
, The Rock of my strength!

Psalms 68:20:  The El is our El
for the sake of deliverance!
And to
YAHWEH, My Sovereign,
belongs the issues of death.

Isaiah 12:2: Behold! The El is my deliverance! 

I will trust and not be afraid 
YAH, YAHWEH is my strength and my song! 
And He is my deliverance.”

Jeremiah 3:23:  Truly, deceit comes from the hills, 
the tumult of the mountains!
Truly, in
YAHWEH, our Elohim, 
is the deliverance of Yisra'el!

Note: Yisra’el will be delivered by YAHWEH in the final measure of things because they are still His Chosen people.

Acts 28:28:  Therefore, let it be known to you 
that the deliverance of YAHWEH
has been sent to the Gentiles,

and they will hear it!”

Note: This is a very important verse. It marks a transformation in YAHWEH's dealing with Yisra’el. They have now rejected The Messiah whom YAHWEH had promised to them. First, they rejected YAHWEH Himself, which lead to the destruction of Yisra’el and the captivity of it's people. Then He sent The Messiah, YAHUSHUA (Jesus) to them, and they rejected Him. They crucified, Him mocked Him, and refused to believe Him. In the book of Acts He is offered to them one last time - at Pentecost (Shavuot) when the set apart Divine Nature of YAHWEH was bestowed upon the disciples (students) of YAHUSHUA. The Yisra’elites still refused to recognize and accept YAHUSHUA as their promised Messiah

Now, because of their rejection, YAHWEH has sent His salvation to the Gentiles (non-Hebrews). Many of these non-Hebrews will listen and will accept YAHUSHUA as their Redeemer. They will receive His message of deliverance and forgiveness, which the Jews have now rejected for centuries.

Please note also that “salvation” means rescue; deliverance; to be safe.

The Book of Acts marks the beginning of the revelation of "The Mystery" that YAHWEH kept secret for generations. That mystery is The Assembly - the body of believers. This is not the organized “church" you think of, with all its many denominations, however. (Incidentally, "church" is a misnomer. It's a much later word that did not exist in the days of The Messiah.) YAHWEH always referred to his people as an assembly throughout The Old Covenant. The assembly consists of only those who believe in the redeeming atonement of YAHUSHUA, who then commit themselves to following His teachings - and those of His Heavenly Father, YAHWEH.


Romans 6:23 Indeed, the wages of the offense is death,
but the gift of
YAHWEH is Eternal Life 
through The Messiah,
YAHUSHUA, our Master.

Note: This is where YAHWEH is different from the so-called gods of every other religion that exists or ever existed on planet earth. Only in The Messiah (there's really only one), YAHUSHUA, is the gift of YAHWEH (Eternal Life in His presence) made available to us. No other "religion" (indeed no other god) offers anything that even remotely approaches this concept.


Deuteronomy 7:21:  Do not fear them because YAHWEH, your Elohim,
is in your midst! El, great and fearsome!

Note: This is written to the faithful in Yisra’el, but applies to all believers in YAHWEH - He is among you, in your midst. His power is demonstrated over and over in His Word. He is able to defeat any enemy!

Job 36:5-6:  Behold! The El is mighty
but He despises no one;
mighty, powerful of heart.
Job 36:6 He will not keep alive the morally wrong.
And He will grant judgment to the afflicted.


Joshua 1:9: Have I  (YAHWEH) not urged you to be strong and courageous
You are not to be afraid.
And you are not to be discouraged  
YAHWEHyour Elohim, is with you wherever you go!”

Note: This promise is ONLY for those who trust in YAHWEH (believe, truly, in Him). It is not true for those who do not believe in Him, or who reject His rightful place in their lives.


2 Chronicles 30:9:  For IF you turn again to YAHWEH, your brothers and your children will find compassion before those that lead them captive, so that they will come again into this land: for YAHWEH, your Elohim, is kind and compassionate, and will not turn away His face from IF YOU RETURN TO HIM.
(Emphasis added. The concept is repentance for rebellion against
YAHWEH, and a humble seeking for His forgiveness as you recognize your rebellion.)

2 Corinthians 9:8:  Moreover, YAHWEH is able
to make every favor abound toward you,
in order that you,
always having every contentment in everything,
abound in every good work.


Ezra 8:22:  .... The hand of our Elohim is upon all of them for good that seek Him, but His power and His wrath is against all them that abandon Him. 

Note: Please be certain to note that while YAHWEH does good to them that seek Him, He is also a wrathful Elohim against those who refuse to seek Him, or who leave Him. This is a part of His just and impartial nature.


Hebrews 13:16 Now do not forget doing that which is good,
and do not forget to share,
because with such sacrifices
YAHWEH is entirely gratified!


Job 33:12:  Behold! 
In this you have not been just!
I will answer you.
Indeed, The El is greater than a mortal!


Matthew 22:31-32:  Now concerning the resurrection of the dead, 
have you not read what was spoken to you 
YAHWEH saying, 
“I am The Elohim of Abraham, 
The Elohim of Yitzhak, 
and The Elohim of Ya'akob.’
Ex. 3.6) 
YAHWEH is not The Elohim of the dead 
but rather, of the living.”


Psalms 73:1 The Elohim is truly good to Yisra’el,
to the pure of heart.


Psalms 7:11:  The Elohim is judging with justice.
And The El is enraged on every day.


Psalms 50:6 Even the skies declare His justice.
Indeed, The Elohim is Judge, He Himself!

Note: There is no judge except YAHWEH alone. And one day the very heavens will declare His justice
 as the Judge of all creation.


Deuteronomy 4:24:  ...because YAHWEH, your Elohim, is a consuming fire, a zealous El. 

(This is stated in the context of making and worshipping false gods.)


Daniel 9:14:  ...for YAHWEH, our Elohim, is just in all His works which He does...


Nahum 1:2:  A zealous and revenging El is YAHWEH
YAHWEH is revenging, 
even as a husband of wrath
YAHWEH is taking revenge on His foes! 
And He maintains anger for the sake of His adversaries!

YAHWEH is zealous, and YAHWEH revenges; YAHWEH revenges and is furious; YAHWEH will take vengeance on His adversaries, and He reserves wrath for His enemies. 

Note: YAHWEH is zealous for His Name lest it is profaned and treated lightly by anyone. A judgment of wrath is reserved for those who do such in the final analysis.

What YAHWEH is Not:

YAHWEH is NOT the author of disorder:

1 Corinthians 14:33:  Indeed, YAHWEH is not the source of disorder,
but is the source of peace
as in all the assemblies of the set apart ones.

YAHWEH is NOT to be ridiculed:

Galatians 6:7:  Do not be deceived. YAHWEH is not to be ridiculed. 
Indeed, whatever a man sows, that he will also harvest...

Note: What this really means is twofold. First, you cannot make fun of YAHWEH or belittle Him, or deny Him, and get away with it! Second, whatever you do, whatever kind of activity you in essence "plant" in your lifetime will result in a certain kind of harvest - like things produce like things. What you plant is what you harvest. You don't get corn from turnip seeds, etc. If you do what is hurtful, you will receive what is hurtful in return! If you do what is good, you will receive what is good in return! This is a primary principle of YAHWEH's creation.

YAHWEH is NOT a human being:

Numbers 23:19:  The Elohim is not a man, that He might lie. 
Nor is He a child of human being that he might be sorry. 
Will He Himself speak but not do, or speak but not establish it?

YAHWEH is NOT unjust:

Hebrews 6:10:  Indeed, YAHWEH is not unjust,
forgetting your work and labor of love
which you have demonstrated toward His name,
having ministered to the set apart ones, and are ministering.

This is but a brief sampling of what could be placed here. hopefully it will trigger in you the desire to learn more. One thing is clear. We can depend on YAHWEH. His word never fails.

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