Seeking YAHWEH

What Are You Seeking?

But seek first
 YAHWEH’s Kingdom,
and His righteousness;
and all these things
will be given to you as well.

Matthew 6.33

and it will be given to you;
and you will find;  
and it will be opened
to you:

 For every one that asks receives;
and he that seeks finds
and to him that knocks
it will be opened.

Matthew 7.7-8

People are looking for many things these days. They long for wealth, security, a nice house, a good marriage, kids, etc. Or maybe its the longing for a new car or truck, lots of "toys" - boats, 4-wheelers, cycles, campers, a fancy vacation, and much more.

The old saying, "The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence." catches many people off-guard. They look across the fence and somehow what their neighbor has always seems better than what they have.

There's a longing inside of us that cries out be be filled. We try many things in the effort to satisfy ourselves. Yet most things leave us still longing, still searching for something more. We somehow have come to believe that if we have all these things others will "like us".

Having "been there and done that" I understand the longings. I understand the emptiness that remains even when one has many of those "things". They just don't cut it. And others don't like us any better because of the things we have or the stuff we do. So we keep searching...

There is one area where our searching does discover an entirely different sense of meaning and value. It's in the area of relationships. But it's a different type of relationship. It's a personal experience of the love and acceptance that's only offered by one being - the one we call God. He longs to have a relationship with you. And He wants you to have a personal relationship with Him. When that happens everything in your life can change.

However, there's something you need to do - a choice you need to make - before this can happen. You must decide to seek Him - with every ounce of your being! Until you decide to do that it's not likely you'll ever discover the wondrous things that are available to you. The void in your life will remain. Your search for "happiness" will drag on and on. Life will continue to be “a bummer”.

Below are some Scripture verses that speak to this issue. They're presented as a means of helping you discover what it really means to seek YAHWEH (God). Among them is His promise that when you seek Him with all your heart you will find Him! (Deut. 4.29)

Like so much we encounter in life, only those areas where we're willing to expend significant personal effort will ever result in anything worthwhile. Seldom is anything simply "dumped in our lap". The real question is, "What are your real priorities?"

There are a number of Scripture verses presented. It's certainly not an exhaustive list, but there's a lot here. I hope you'll take the time to read them - carefully. Give some serious thought to what you're reading. These are not "fluff". When The Creator speaks you can count on the fact that the message is most serious.

From The Old Covenant

Lev 19:30-31  My Sabbaths themselves את you are to protect! 
My Set apart Place you are to revere! 
I Myself am
You are not to turn to necromancers! 
mediums, spiritists 
And to conjurers  wizards you are not to inquire 
to be defiled by them! 
I Myself am
YAHWEH, your Elohim!

Num 15:39-41  And it is to be for you a tassel. 
And you are to see 
it itself. את
And you are to take note of 
all the directives themselves את of YAHWEH
And you are to do they themselves. את

And you are not to explore after your own heart 
or after your own eyes 
by which you yourselves את are committing adultery
in order that you will take note of and do 
all My directives themselvesאת
Then you will be set apart for your Elohim! 

I Myself am YAHWEH, your Elohim, 
who has brought out 
you yourselves את 
from the land of Egypt, 
to be for you your Elohim!  
I Myself am
YAHWEH, your Elohim!

Deut 4:29-31  And you will search out from there 
YAHWEH Himself, את your Elohim
And you will find Him
when you search for Him 
with all your heart 
and with all your being. 
In your distress, 
even as all these words come upon you in the last days, 
then you will return to
YAHWEH, your Elohim, 
and you will listen attentively to His voice. 

Indeed, an El (God) of compassion is YAHWEH, your Elohim! 
He will not abandon you. 
And He will not destroy you. 
And He will not forget 
the covenant itself את
with your forefathers which He swore to them. 

Deut 12:5: Indeed, toward the place
YAHWEH, your Elohim, chooses 
out of all your tribes to put there 
His Name itself את 
for a dwelling place you are to inquire. 
And there you are to go. 

1 Chron 16:10-11  Give praise on account of  His set apart name!
Let the heart of those seeking YAHWEH rejoice!
16:11 Seek
YAHWEH and His power!
Seek His face continually!

1 Chron 22:19:  Now, give your heart and your life
for the sake of seeking
YAHWEH your Elohim!
And rise up!
And build The Set Apart Place itself
of YAHWEH, The Elohim,
for the sake of bringing
The Chest of The Covenant of YAHWEH itself את
and the set apart vessels of YAHWEH
for the house that is going to be built
for sake of the name of YAHWEH!”

1 Chron 28:8-9   And now, before the eyes of all Yisra’el,
the assembly of
and in the hearing of our Elohim,
protect and seek all the directives of
YAHWEH, your Elohim,
in order that you will possess the good land itself
and cause it to be inherited
by your children after you to eternity! 

28:9 And you yourself את, Shelomoh, my son,
know The Elohim Himself
את of your father!
And serve Him with a whole heart and with a pleasing life!
Indeed, YAHWEH is searching all hearts!
And He understands all  the imaginations of thoughts!
If you do seek Him He will be found by you!
But if you abandon Him He will reject you to forever!
Now therefore in the sight of all Yisra’el, the assembly of YAHWEH,
and in the audience of our Elohim,
 keep and seek for all the directives of
YAHWEH, your Elohim
that you may possess this good land,
and leave it for an inheritance for your children after you for ever.

2 Chron 7:13-14:  If I shut up the skies and there is no rain,
or if I give direction concerning locusts
for the sake of devouring the land,
or if I send a pestilence among My people,
7:14 and My people who have been called
with My name over them will humble themselves,
and they themselves will pray,
and they will seek My face,
and they will turn back from the badness of their ways,
then I Myself will listen attentively from The Heavens.
And I will forgive their offense.
And I will heal their land itself את.

2 Chron 11:16:  And after them (the Levites),
from all the tribes of Yisra’el,
those having set their hearts themselves את
to seek YAHWEH Himself את, The  Elohim of Yisra’el,
came to Yerushalaim for the sake of sacrificing to
The Elohim of their fathers.

2 Chron 12:14:  And he did that which is bad
because he did not prepare his heart
for the sake of seeking YAHWEH Himself 

2 Chron 14:4:  (H 14.3) And he spoke to Yahudah
for the sake of seeking YAHWEH Himself את,
The Elohim of their fathers,
and for the sake of doing the Instructions and the directives.

2 Chron 15:2:  And he went out before the face of Asa.
And he said to him, “Listen attentively, Asa,
and all Yahudah and Binyamin.
YAHWEH is with you as you are being with Him.
And if you seek Him He will be found by you.
But if you abandon Him He will abandon you yourself

2 Chron 15:12-14:   And they entered into a covenant
for the sake of seeking
YAHWEH Himself את
The Elohim of their fathers,
with all their heart and with all their life.

15:13 And any who did not seek for YAHWEH,
The Elohim of Yisra’el, was to be put to death,
from small even to great, from man even to woman.

15:14 And they swore to YAHWEH with a loud voice,
with shouting, and with trumpets and with shofars.

2 Chron 19:3:  However, good words are found with you
because you have removed the Asherahs from the land.
And you have prepared your heart 
for the sake of seeking

2 Chron 20:3-4:  And Yahoshaphat was afraid.
And he set his face itself
for the sake of seeking toward YAHWEH.
And he proclaimed a fast within all Yahudah.
20:4 And Yahudah assembeled
for the sake of seeking from
Even from all the cities of Yahudah they had come
for the sake of seeking
YAHWEH Himself את.

2 Chron 30:18:  Indeed, a multitude of the people,
many from Ephraim and Menashe,
Yissaskar and Zebulun had not undefiled themselves
when they had eaten The Passover itself
contrary to what has been written. 

Indeed, Hizkiyah himself prayed for them saying,
YAHWEH, He Who is good, provide atonement on behalf
30:19 of everyone whose heart has been prepared
for the sake of seeking The Elohim,
YAHWEH, The Elohim of his fathers,
but he is not undefiled according to the purification
of The Set Apart Place.”

2 Chron 31:21:  And in every work that he began
in the service of The House of
and in The Torah, and in the directive
was for the sake of seeking his Elohim with all his heart.
He did
And he prospered.

2 Chron 34:3:  And in the eighth year of his reigning,

and he was still young,
he began to seek for The Elohim of David, his father.
And in the twelfth year he began
to purify Yahudah itself
את and Yerushalaim
from the high places, and the Asherim,
and the carved images, and the molten images.

Ezra 6:21 And the children of Yisra’el
who had come again out of captivity,
and all such as had separated themselves unto them from the filthiness
to seek YAHWEH of the heathen of the land, , The Elohim of Yisra’el,
did eat, 22 and kept the Feast of Unleavened Bread seven days with joy,
or YAHWEH had made them joyful.

Ezra 7:10:  For Ezra had prepared his heart
to seek The Torah of
YAHWEH and to do it,
and to teach in Israel statutes and judgments.

Ezra 8:21:  Then I proclaimed a fast there, at the river of Ahava
that we might afflict ourselves before our Elohim,
to seek of Him a right way for us, and for our little ones, and for all our substance.

Ezra 8:22:  The hand of our Elohim is upon all them for good that seek Him;
but His
power and His wrath is against all them that abandon Him.

Psalms 9:9-10:  And YAHWEH will exist as a refuge 
for the sake of the crushed,
a refuge for the sake of times of need. 
And those knowing Your Name 
will trust in You
You have not abandoned
those seeking You

Psalms 10:4:  The morally wrong,
according to the elevation of his nose,
does not seek Him.
There is no Elohim in any of his thoughts.

Psalms 14:2-3:  YAHWEH looked down from The Heavens
upon the children of human beings
for the sake of seeing if there existed understanding,
 seeking of YAHWEH Himself את
14:3 They have all turned aside!
They have altogether become morally defiled!
None is doing good,
not even one!

Psalms 22:26: The humble will eat.
And they will be satisfied.
Those seeking Him will praise
Their heart will live forever!

Psalms 24:3-6Who will ascend on the mountain of YAHWEH?
And who will stand in His Set Apart Place?
24:4 He who has innocent hands and a pure heart,
who has not lifted up his life for the sake of worthlessness,
and has not sworn for the sake of deceiving.
24:5 He will receive a blessing from
YAHWEH Himself את
and justice from The Elohim of his deliverance.
24:6 This is a generation of those inquiring of Him,
those of Ya'akob searching out Your face.

Psalms 27:4:  One thing I have asked
from YAHWEH Himself את.
This itself את I seek,
dwelling in The House of YAHWEH
all the days of my life,
for the sake of seeing the beauty of
and for the sake of inquiring in His Temple.

Psalms 27:8: To my heart You have said,
Seek My face!”
Your face itself את, YAHWEH, I am seeking!

Psalms 34:9-10:  Revere YAHWEHHimself את
you who are set apart!
Indeed there is no lack to them revering Him!
34:10 (H 34.11) Young lions have lacked and been hungry.
But those seeking
will not lack any good thing

Psalms 40:16 Let all those who are seeking You
rejoice and be glad in You!
Let those loving Your deliverance continually say,
YAHWEH be magnified!'

Psalms 53:1:-3:  The fool has said in his heart,
'There is no Elohim.
They have acted corruptly
and they have done detestable moral perversity!
No one is doing good!
53:2 (H 53.3) The Elohim looked down from The Heavens
upon the children of human beings
for the sake of observing.
Does one exist being wise,
seeking The Elohim Himself את?
53:3 (H 53.4) Everyone has turned back!
In union together they have become morally corrupt!
No one is doing good, not even one!

Psalms 63:1-2  Elohim, You Yourself את are my El! 
I am diligently seeking You!
My life has been thirsty for You!

My flesh has yearned for You
as in a dry and thirsty land with no water!
63:2 (H 63.3) On account of this
 in The Sanctuary I have contemplated You
for the sake of seeing Your power and Your majesty! 

Psalms 69:32:  The humble have seen!
They are glad!
Those seeking The Elohim, even your hearts will live!

Psalms 70:4  Let all those rejoice and be glad in You
who are seeking You!

And let those lovingYour deliverance continually say,
“Let The Elohim be magnified!”

Psalms 83:16:  Fill their faces with disgrace!
Then they will seek Your Name, YAHWEH.

Psalms 105:1-7:  Give thanks to YAHWEH!
Call in His Name!
Cause His deeds to be known among the peoples!
105:2 Sing to Him!
Sing praises to Him!
Speak about all His extraordinary acts!
105:3 Boast yourself in His set apart Name!
Let the heart rejoice of those seeking
105:4 Seek
YAHWEH and His strength!
Seek His face continually!

105:5 Remember His extraordinary acts
which He has done,
His signs and the judgments of His mouth,
105:6 Seed of Abraham, His servant,
Children of Ya‛akob, His chosen!
105:7 He Himself is
YAHWEH, our Elohim!
His judgments are in all the earth.

Psalms 119:1-3: Happy are the blameless of the way,
those walking according to the Instruction of
2. Happy are those who are maintaining His Testimonies.
With the whole heart they seek Him!
3 Indeed, they will not do moral perversity.
According to His ways they will walk.

Psalms 119:45-48And I will walk in an open space
because I have sought Your precepts.
46 And I will speak of Your Testimonies before kings.
And I will not be ashamed
47 And I will delight myself in Your directives 
which I have loved.
48 And I will lift up my hands toward Your directives 
which I have loved.
And I will meditate on Your Instructions.
Psalms 119:155:  Deliverance is far from the morally wrong
because they have not sought Your rules.

Prov 28:5:  Evil men do not understand judgment.
But those seeking
YAHWEH will understand everything.

Isaiah 9:13:  But the people have not turned back 
to Him who causes them to be struck. 
And to YAHWEH of Assemblies Himself את
they have not inquired.

Isaiah 26:9:  Our lives long for You at night, 
also my breath in the midst of me at daybreak 
because according to Your regulations for the earth 
those dwelling in the world have learned justice.

Isaiah 34:16:  Inquire from upon the scroll of YAHWEH
and read it
out loud
Not one from among these will be lacking. 
One will not be lacking a mate 
because My mouth has directed it 
and My Divine Nature will assemble them.

Isaiah 45:19:  I have not spoken in secret, 
in a dark place of the earth. 
I have not said to the seed of Yaakob 
‘Seek Me for nothing.’ 
I Myself, YAHWEH,
am speaking what is right, 
declaring what is equitable.

Isaiah 51:1: Listen attentively to Me, 
you who are pursuing after justice, 
who are seeking
Look intently toward The Rock
from which you were hewn
and to the quarry of the pit
from which you were dug.

Isaiah 55:6-8:  Seek YAHWEH while He is being found! 
Call Him while He is near! 

55:7 Let the morally wrong abandon his way 
and the unjust man his thoughts! 
And let him return to
and He will have compassion on him, and to our Elohim, 
because He will multiply it for the sake of pardon. 
8 Indeed My thoughts are not your thoughts 
and your ways are not My ways!” 
- An utterance of

Jer 29:11-14:  Indeed I know the intentions themselves את
I am considering concerning you,’ 
An utterance of YAHWEH -
‘intentions of well being and not of harm, 
for the sake of giving to you what lies ahead, 
even an expectation. 
12 Then you will call to Me Myself את
And I will come! 
And you will pray to Me. 
And I will listen attentively to you! 
13 And you will seek Me Myself את
And you will find Me 
when you search for Me with all your heart!
14 And I will be found by you!’ 
An utterance of YAHWEH - 
‘And I will turn back your captivity itself את
And I will gather you yourselves
from all the nations and from all the places 
where I have driven you yourselves את
- An utterance of YAHWEH - 
And I will return you yourselves את
to the place 
from which I have exiled you yourselves אתfrom there!

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says YAHWEH,
thoughts of peace, and not of harm,
to give you an expected end.
12 Then you will call upon Me,
and you will go and pray to Me,
and I will listen to you.
13 And you will seek Me, and find Me,
when you will search for Me with all your heart.
 14 And I will be found by you, says YAHWEH.

Jer 50:4 In those days
and at that time” 
- An utterance of
“the children of Yisra'el will come, 
they and the children of Yahudah walking together, 
weeping as they walk. 
And YAHWEH Himself את,
 their Elohim, they will seek.

Dan 9:3-8: And I set my face toward YAHWEH Elohim
 to seek by prayer and supplications, with fasting, and sackcloth, and ashes.
4 And I prayed to
YAHWEH, YAHWEH, my Elohim,
and made my confession, and said,
Oh , the great and awesome Elohim,
keeping the covenant and
compassion to them that love Him,
and to them that protect His instructions;
5 we have
offended,  done wickedly,
and have committed iniquity,
and have have rebelled,
even by departing from Your
precepts and from Your judgments.
6 Neither have we listened to Your servants, the prophets,
who spoke in Your name to our kings, our princes, and our fathers,
and to all the people of the land.
7 Oh
YAHWEH, justice belongs to You,
but unto us
confusion of faces, as at this day,
to the men of Yahudah, and to the inhabitants of Jerusalem,
and unto all Yisra’el, that are near, and that are far off,
through all the countries where You have driven them
because of their trespass that they have trespassed against You.
Oh YAHWEH, to us belongs confusion of face,
to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers,
because we have offended against You

Hos 5:6-7 With their flocks and herds they will go 
for the sake of seeking YAHWEH.
But they will not find Him! 
He has withdrawn from them! 
They have acted treacherously against YAHWEH
Indeed they have brought forth estranged children. 
Now they will be consumed, 
them with their portions in a month!

Hos 5:15: I will go! 
I will return to My place 
until when they acknowledge their guilt
and have sought My face
in their distress they will diligently search for Me!"

Hos 7:10:  And the arrogance of Yisra’el has testified in his face. 
But they have not returned to YAHWEH, their Elohim.
And they have not sought Him in all of this.

Hos 10:12:  Sow for your sakes justice! 
Reap for the sake of the mouth kindness! 
Break up your tillable ground! 
It is even time to seek YAHWEH Himself את until He comes! 
And He will cause justice to rain for your sakes!

Amos 5:4-9Indeed thus said YAHWEH to the house of Yisra’el,
“Seek Me and live
5 but do not seek Bet El, 
nor enter Gilgal, 
nor pass over to Be’ersheba 
because Gilgal will go into exile, go into exile! 
And Bet El will exist as nothingness! 
6 Seek YAHWEH Himself את and live,
lest He rushes like fire on the house of Yoseph! 
And He will consume it! 
And no one will be quenching it for the sake of Bet El! 
7 They are turning judgment to to wormwood 
and are causing justice to be thrown to the ground!” 
8 The One making Pleides and Orion,
and the One turning the shadow of death into dawn
and causing the day to be dark at dusk,
the One calling for the waters of the sea 
and pouring them out on the face of the earth, 
YAHWEH is His Name, 
9 the One strengthening the ravaged against the cruel
He will come against the fortress!

Amos 8:11–12:  Behold! Days are coming!” 
- An Utterance of Sovereign YAHWEH.
“And I will send a famine on the land;
not a famine for the sake of food, 
and not a thirst for the sake of water, 
but rather, for the sake of hearing 

the Words themselves את of YAHWEH
8:12 And they will wander from sea to sea, and from north to east! 
They will go to and fro 
for the sake of seeking the Word itself את of YAHWEH! 
But they will not find it!

Zeph 2:3: Seek YAHWEH Himself את
all the humble of the earth who have done His regulations!
Seek justice!
Perhaps you will be hidden in the day of the wrath of YAHWEH

Zech 8:21-22: And those dwelling in one city will go to another saying,
And we will go to pray before the face itself את of YAHWEH!
And we will seek
YAHWEH of Assemblies Himself את
I am going, even I myself!”
8:22 And many people will come!
And powerful nations will come
for the sake of seeking YAHWEH of Assemblies Himself את
at Yerushalaim,
and for the sake of praying 
before the face itself את of YAHWEH!"

From The New Covenant

John 5:30 (The Messiah speaking) I am not able of Myself to do even one thing.
Just as I hear, I judge.
And My judgment is just,
I do not seek My own desire,
but rather, the desire of The Father
Who has sent Me

John 6:26-27:  YAHUSHUA responded to them and said, “Most assuredly I say to you, you seek Me, not because you were seeing the miracles, but rather, because you ate of the loaves and were satisfied. 27 Do not labor for the food which perishes, but rather, for the food which remains into Eternal Life, which The Son of Man will give to you, because YAHWEH, The Father, has sealed Him.”

John 7:33-34:  Accordingly, YAHUSHUA said to them, “I am with you a little while longer. Yet I am going to Him who has sent Me. 34 You will seek for Me yet will not find Me. And where I exist you are not able to come.”

John 8:21:  Then YAHUSHUA said to them once more, “I am going away. And you will be seeking Me, yet you will die in your sin. Where I am going you are not able to come.”

Matt 6:31-34  Therefore do not be anxious, saying, “What will we eat?’ or “What will we drink?’ or ‘What will we wear?’ 32 because after all these things the Gentiles seek. Indeed your Heavenly Father understands that you need all these things. 33 But seek first The Kingdom of YAHWEH and His justification, and all these things will be added to you. 34 Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, because tomorrow will be anxious about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own evil.

Matt 7:7-8:  Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened up to you. 8 Indeed, everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened.

Matt 28:5-6:  But the messenger responded, saying to the women, “Do not be afraid! Indeed I understand that you seek YAHUSHUA who was crucified. 6 He is not here. Indeed, He has been raised up just as He said. Come here! See the place where The Master laid!

Mark 1:36-37:  And Simon and those with Him searched for Him. 37 And having found Him they said to Him, “Everyone is seeking for You.”

Mark 16:6:  Then he said to them, “Do not be utterly astonished! You seek YAHUSHUA of Nazareth, who was crucified. He has been raised up! He is not here. Behold! The place where they had laid Him.

Luke 12:29-31:  And do not seek what you eat
or what you drink
nor be of doubtful mind
30 Indeed, all these things the tribes of the world seek.
Now your Father understands that you need these things.
 31 Instead, seek The Kingdom of
 and all these things will be added to you.

Luke 17:33:  If anyone seeks to save his life he will fully destroy it.
And if anyone fully destroys his life he will preserve it.

Acts 17:27: so that they might be seeking YAHWEH, if perhaps they might touch Him and find Him. And yet, indeed, He is not far from each one of us, 28 because in Him we live, and move, and have our being,

Heb 11:6:  Indeed, without faith one is not able to please Him entirelybecause he who is approaching YAHWEH must have believe that He exists, and is a compensator of those who are diligently seeking Him.

Phil 2:21 because all of them are seeking things for themselves, not the things of The Messiah, YAHUSHUA.

Col 3:1-4:  Therefore, if you have been raised up with The Messiah, seek those things which are above, where The Messiah is, sitting at the right hand of YAHWEH! 2 Set your mind on that which is above, not on that which is upon the earth! 3 Indeed, you have died, and your life is concealed with The Messiah in YAHWEH. 4 When The Messiah, our life, is rendered apparent then you also will have been rendered apparent with Him in glory.

Getting your priorities right makes all the difference in the world. When you decide to seek YAHWEH, and His Son, YAHUSHUA, with everything that is in you, then you will find that elusive thing you've been looking for all your life. May YAHWEH bless you with the wisdom to take this pathway to Him.

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