The Messiah - Key Events

YAHUSHUA is the proper Hebrew personal name of The Messiah, (Jesus, Yeshua, Christ, The Lord, etc.). It is the name we should be using every day to refer to Him. The other terms are either incorrect or they are titles rather than being His proper name. 

He came into the world as The Hebrew Messiah, promised long before by YAHWEH (God) to His people. The Messiah was predicted to be the "savior", "redeemer", "king", and numerous other things to those people. He would ultimately deliver them from all the evil of this world.

Given the predictions The Children of Yisra’el looked for His coming. They anticipated Him with virtually every major event in their history, and even with many of the key festivals that were part of their culture. Everything they did ultimately centered around the future reign of The Messiah. But what they failed to realize was the reality that much of what they were doing in their daily worship and life foreshadowed His coming. They were acting out, daily in their culture, a wide variety of things that spoke to them concerning Him - yet they did not realize it.

When He came many did not recognize Him as The Messiah. Most of them expected an earthly King, one who would deliver them physically from their bondage to other nations. Instead of doing this He challenged their leaders and their man-made traditions. It was this aspect of His earthly ministry that resulted in them murdering their own Messiah.

Presented in this section is a series of articles on some of the key elements of the life of The Messiah, YAHUSHUA. These articles are designed to help you take a closer look at what took place during His time here on the earth. They'll also help you gain insight into how the things He did while He was here ended up impacting us as well. They'll also give you some insights into what we are to expect for the future, including His return to this earth - The Second Coming.

Here are the links to the articles:

  - YAHUSHUA - His Life
YAHUSHUA - His Last Days
YAHUSHUA - His Crucifixion and Death
YAHUSHUA - His Resurrection
YAHUSHUA - His Ascension and Second Coming

They're found in the sidebar at the right as well, along with numerous other articles that may be of interest to you. Please read these articles prayerfully and carefully. Ask YAHWEH to teach you the Truth. Then expect a blessing as you learn to know more about The Messiah, the One who gave his very life in order that you might be enabled to obtain eternal life in His presence.

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