Life Is A Test

John 6.38

Indeed, I have come down
from Heaven, 
not to do My will, 
but the will
of Him who sent Me.

Have you ever wondered what life is all about? Why am I here? 
Why do I experience all these problems? What's the point of all this? 
There is an answer to a these questions.  It's actually pretty simple.

The answer is this:  "All of life is one single test".

Yes, I know. You'll probably want to debate this idea. Please read on. 
You'll discover every argument is related to this one single test. 
It's a very uncomplicated test. There's only one question. There are only two possible answers. The result of the test is either pass, or fail.

The challenge lies in the recognition that this one question is repeated in each moment of each day throughout our entire lives. 
It needs to be answered over and over again in each new moment, in each new situation we encounter.

In order to properly understand what this test is about there are some basic premises to be accepted. It's very important to recognize that if you refuse to accept these basic premises you've already failed the testYou'll understand this better in just a moment.

Permit me to explain a couple things. You'll have an opportunity to consider your answer and one to correct your initial answer 
if it's made in ignorance or innocence. 
It's vital that you understand what the question is and what the potential consequences are. These things are also quite straightforward The premises are these:

1. There is only one unique and ruly existing "God”. 
            - There can only be one "God”. 
            - There cannot be two "Supreme Beings”.   
            - His personal and eternal name is YAHWEH
He is the "God" of the Hebrews (Israelites). 
YAHWEH created you. 
            - He is the One who has created everything. 
3. He created you with ability to make choices.            

That's it. 
Those are the only premises necessary to understand the test. There's no long list of "requirements" or hidden conditions. 
You don't have to buy into or follow a whole bunch of "religious" stuff.

Here's the only question to be answered: 
             Do you agree, willingly, to do what
YAHWEH desires?

There are only two possible answers: 
1 - YES! 
2 - NO! 
Everything in your life is affected by YOUR personal answer.

There are only two outcomes: 
1 - Existence in the presence of (with)
2 - Existence away from the presence of (without)

Ultimately these outcomes become permanent (eternal). The first outcome carries with it extensive blessings. Some of them are "visible" to us here and now. Some of them will not happen until "later”. The second outcome carries with it extensive problems and troubles. Some of them are "visible" to us now. Some of them will not happen until "later".

This is a super simplified version of the question. It's intended to make it easier for you to answer it with understanding.  
Far too many people want to “complicate” both the question and the answers.

Having gotten this far you can understand why you've failed already if you refuse to accept the three basic premises. You've already refused to accept that YAHWEH exists, or that He is "God", or both. This makes your answer automatically "No!” 
You can't willingly agree to do what YAHWEH wants if you refuse to accept that He is the only "Supreme Being” 
            - “God” 
            - Deity 
            - Mightiest One 
Either choice involves trust. You either trust that there is a "God" named
YAHWEH or you trust there is not. 
            - trust, faith, and belief are virtually equivalent so don't get hung up on the semantics. 
There is no one and there is no “thing” that can answer this question for you. 
It's entirely up to 
you to decide what answer you will give.

Regardless of what you “think” or what you've been “taught” this question is the ULTIMATE question of your life!

And this one single question is set before you in each moment of each and every day of your life. 
It needs to be answered again with each new experience you encounter. 
It is "the test" of each life!

Even if you accept the premises, however, you don't automatically pass the test. 
You can believe
YAHWEH exists without acknowledging or answering the question. 
You still need to answer the question.

Scripture Teaches Us

In the beginning… 
Adam and Eve were given this option in The Garden of Eden. 
It was given to them in the form of one simple restriction. 
            "You are not to eat  from the tree of knowledge of good and bad."   
Gen. 2.17 
 The result of that restriction is the question:  "Will you follow My instructions willingly?” 
In other words, "Will you do what I, YAHWEH, desire?” 

We know the answer. Eve chose her own desires over the desires of YAHWEH
The entire creation is still suffering the consequences of that choice. 
The question has never changed. 
We're each offered the same option. 
It's offered to us in each moment of life - every moment or every day. 
It's up to us to choose what we will do.

Many want to turn this into a forced choice. They want to call it a "commandment”,  an "order", an "injunction", etc. 
It never was. It never will be. Indeed, it cannot be - and still be a willing choice. 
If it's not a willing choice IT IS MEANINGLESS!

Indeed, the entire Scriptural concept of covenant is bound up in the requirement of a willing agreement. 
Without a willing agreement there can be no covenant!

In the midst of all this it's vital to know what YAHWEH desires. That's not that complicated either. He's given us "His Word," 
what we call "The Bible" or “Scripture” or "The Torah", "The Tanakh", etc. Within His Word are some very straightforward statements that reveal to us what He desires at its very essence. 
Here are a few statements for your consideration:

Jer. 17:9-10  The heart is deceitful above everything! 
And it is incurable! 
Who can know it? 
17:10 I Myself,
YAHWEH, am searching the heart, 
testing the kidneys, even to give to each man 
according to his ways, according to the fruit of his actions. 

Mic. 6:8 He has declared to you, human being, what is good! 
And what does
YAHWEH seek from you but to make right judgments, 
and to love kindness, and to walk in humility with your God?

Jer. 7:23  However, this word itself את
I gave as direction to they themselves את saying, 
‘Listen attentively to My voice! 
And I will for you as The Elohim! 
And you yourselves את will be to Me as a people! 
And you are to walk in all the ways 
which I will give to you as direction 
in order that it will be well for you!’

Jer. 10:2-3  Thus said YAHWEH
“Concerning the way of the nations you are not to learn! 
And you are not to be dismayed by the signs of the skies 
because the nations are dismayed by them. 
3 Indeed the customs of the peoples are emptiness. 
Indeed a tree from the forest one cuts off with an axe, 
a work of the hands of a craftsman.

Exodus Chapter 20, often called "The Law”, is actually a list of instructions - not "commandments”. 

- No other "gods" besides Me. - No "idols" are to be used as "objects of worship”. 
            (This includes carved images, things made with one's hands. 
             Today we need to include "property", cars, boats, ATV's, houses, computers, cellphones, etc. 
            - anything to which you become "devoted”.) 
- Respect and properly use the name -
            - Do not dishonor it in any way. 
            - No 'swearing an oath' or 'cursing' using anything that "represents"
YAHWEH, name, title, etc.) 
- Remember The Sabbath Day to keep it set apart from the rest. 
            - The seventh day, not 'sun-day'. 
            - Work six days. 
            - Rest on The Seventh Day (The Sabbath). 
- Honor your parents. 
- Don't
- Don't commit
adultery (physical or moral). 
- Don't steal. 
- Don't give false testimony against another. 
- Don't long for what belongs to your neighbor - anything!

Note: For the Hebrews these are referred to as The Ten Words
They're not seen by them as "commandments”. 
They're understood to be instructions. 
As such they reflect the desire of

Deuteronomy 6-7 is where "The Torahis being given to Yisra'el at Mount Sinai. 
It's filled with instructions on what
YAHWEH desires. 

- YAHWEH is to be first and foremost in everything
- Love Him with every ounce of your being. 
            - To the Hebrews love means loyalty. 
- No other "gods" except Him. 
            - things, persons, etc. that you're 'devoted to'. 
- Teach these things to your children. 
- Never forget them. 
- Revere
YAHWEH alone! 
- Serve
YAHWEH alone! 
- Do not test Him with foolish selfishness
- Protect what He teaches you. 
- Do what He teaches you.

If these aren't enough for you to get the picture then consider The Messiah, YAHUSHUA
and what He said while upon the earth.

John 6:38 
For I have come down from The Heaven, not to do My will, 
but the will of Him who sent Me.

Matt. 6:10 
Your kingdom come. Your will be done, on earth as it is in The Heaven.

Matt. 26:39 
Going a little farther He fell facedown and prayed, “My Father! If it is possible let this cup pass from Me. 
Yet not as I will, but rather, as You will.”

Matt. 26:42
Again He went away for the second time and prayed, “My Father, if this cannot pass unless I drink it, 
Your will be done.”

Heb. 10:7 
Then I said, ‘Behold, 
YAHWEHI have come to do your will, YAHWEH!’ 
In the scroll of the book it is written of Me.”

Do you see it now? Do you comprehend the reality? 
There is only ONE question on the "test”. 
            "Do you agree, willingly, to do what
YAHWEH desires?"

YAHWEH desires to have a covenant relationship with you. He does not desire you to be "religious”. 
He wants you to agree to work together with Him 
            - for your own well-being, 
            - and for His great pleasure. 
Nothing will please Him more.

Now. If you've rejected Him up until now you have an opportunity given to you. 
If you've done this in ignorance because you didn't "understand the question" you have an opportunity to change your mind. 
            - This is really what the "repentance" is about.

You can choose today to enter into a covenant relationship with YAHWEH
You do this by choosing to do what
YAHWEH desires over and above what you desire in each moment of each day. 
And if you simply ask Him He will help you do just that.

No one can do this for you. 
You can't do this for anyone else. 
It's personal.

You know what He desires. 
You know there are two choices. 
You face these choices every moment of your life. 
What's your answer?

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