What Can You Do?

If you’ve been studying the material on this site perhaps you’re wondering what to do next. There are many things you can do to learn more about “God” - YAHWEH, and His Son, YAHUSHUA, The Messiah. What you do with this material can make a very significant difference in how you experience life and all its challenges.

The following are just a few suggestions:

1. First of all, begin immediately to use the personal name of God – YAHWEH -
    Also, begin to use the proper personal name of The Messiah, YAHUSHUA -
            - When you read your Bible
                        - change “
the LORD” to YAHWEH in the Old Testament
                        - change the name of “Jesus” to
                        - be very careful about using “
the lord” anywhere it occurs.
                        - Use "The Messiah" instead of "Christ"

            - When you pray
            - When you
            - When you speak of “God” to others 
            - When you sing His praises
Note: The theology of many Christian songs is awful. Watch out!
                         - Where they use “the Lord”, Jesus, etc. change the wording
                           for His name’s sake, and for your own welfare.

2. Talk with others about the problems identified on this site.
            - refer them to this website or to some other place they can find the truth about the problems.

3. Talk to your pastor, your Sunday school teacher, your Bible study leader, etc.
            - ask them if they know about the problems
            - help them to recognize the problems (send them to this website)
encourage them to CHANGE, by starting to use the personal names of,
YAHWEH and YAHUSHUA in all their teaching, writing, speaking, etc.

4. Get serious about your own life.
            - Stop relying upon “
the traditions of men”.
            -  Do your own homework, earnestly.
relationships with YAHWEH and YAHUSHUA are crucial for your present and eternal existence.
            - Get some good reference books - and learn how to use them
                        - a concordance
                        - a lexicon for Hebrew and Greek words
                        - a bible dictionary
                        - a good English dictionary
            - Mark up your Bible with the proper names,
YAHWEH, wherever it belongs
                        - In The Old Covenant, virtually every place you see “the LORD”,
                           replace it with 
YAHWEH. You’ll know this is right if it fits the context of the passage.
                        - In The New Covenant this is a bit more difficult since many of the  passages with “the Lord”
                          are referring to
YAHUSHUA, The Messiah, rather than to The Father.
                          In these passages, change the text to Sovereign.
            - If you own a computer:
                        - buy some good Bible software and learn how to use it. It’s a wonderful reference/study tool that makes it
                          possible for you to learn the Truth about
The Word of YAHWEH.
                        - this is an excellent resource, and you can purchase it a little at a time, if you wish.
                        - Start with the basics and add to it as you can. 

            - Go on line and search for bible translations and reference tools there. There
                          are a great number of translations available, and a great many    
                          reference tools that are free on line. It’s a bit slower this way, and you
                          have to be on line to use them, but they are available.
5.  Get a better translation of Scripture and start to get yourself educated in the proper
     understanding of The Word of
            - Just remember there are some problems with all of them.
Scripture For Seekers is now available for FREE on this site.
              It's a major revision of text with numerous new notes
              and a completely new format - to help you study.
            - There are some “Sacred Name” bible texts available, but be careful here.
               Some of them have a particular agenda, so the notes are “religiously biased”.

This should at least get you started in the right direction. Once you begin to study these issues you're likely to encounter some other questions about your current religious practices. You really need to look carefully at what YAHWEH has to say about The Sabbath Day. It is almost certainly not what you think it says.

Then there’s the issue of YAHWEH’s “appointed times”, or feasts (Leviticus 23.4-44). It’s important that you look very carefully at these as well. The “traditional” Protestant, Roman Catholic, and Greek Orthodox religious holidays are in many cases perversions of YAHWEH’s original designs. Easter and Christmas are two of the worst offenders.

May YAHWEH be your guide as you study these things. May He lead you into all The Truth. And may He call you out from among the perversions that currently exist. 

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May YAHWEH speak to your heart and bless you with understanding as you explore His Word.